I know it is none of my business, but…

Whom of these are you not voting for in the 2024 Presidential Election? (Process of elimination ; )

  • Chase Oliver (Libertarian)
  • Randall Terry (Constitution)
  • RFK Jr. (Independent)
  • Donald John Trump (Republican)
  • Joseph Biden (Democrat)
  • Jill Stein (Green)
  • Cornel West (Independent)
  • Bill Stodden (Socialist)
  • Dr. Taylor Marshall (Christ is King)
  • Write-in “Ron Paul” (or #NOTA2024)
  • Comment below any others that you will not be voting for
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Follow-up Question:

  • I’m not registered to Vote
  • I’m not legally permitted to Vote
  • I’m registered to vote, but I’m exercising my right NOT to Vote
  • I am registered to Vote and I WILL be Voting this November
  • Other
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One can not be Catholic and vote Democrat.


Pope Francis would disagree ; )

He just hosted a Democratic photo-op with Late Night TV “Comedians” : )

lol. yes , like I said one can not be a Catholic and vote demoncrat.
they hold views and actions directly against the teachings of the Catholic church.
not my rule, its Gods.


While I’m a huge fan of Ron Paul and voted for him in the past, he is too old and has no interest in being the president. Taylor Marshall admitted on his podcast that he got in over his head when he announced he was running and will not actually be on any ballots. So for me, that just leaves Trump and possibly Terry if the Constitution Party can get on the ballot in Ohio which they’ve had difficulty doing since the General Assembly changed the requirements about a decade ago.


This proves Teresa’s point.

I know a vote for “Ron Paul” will not count and that he is too old to run. He gave the closing speech at our Libertarian National Convention. This is the same Convention where Chase Oliver barely squeaked the nomination (I did not vote for Chase).

You are right about Ballot Access in Ohio! Last I hear, even the Libertarian Party of Ohio may not get ballot access this November, which means Chase will be on the ballot as in Independent and not as a Libertarian. I’m not voting for Chase, but knowing that ballot access is not on the line this election makes my decision not to vote for the L a little easier. And if Libertarians cannot get ballot access, because of the laws put into place by the Ohio GOP to make it difficult for us to get ballot access, I don’t think Randall Terry will make it on either (maybe he will as an Independent).

This is going to be an interesting Election for sure. I predict Trump will win. RFK Jr. will get between 16-20 percent. And Biden will be switched out for someone else prior to the election.

I know Dr. Taylor Marshall was never seriously running. I just had to include him for the fun of it : )

BIG AMEN to this!
You’d think it would be a total no-brainer.

I agree that one can not be Catholic and a Democrat. And I would also argue that you cannot be Catholic and MAGA.

I view both of these groups as very cult-like.

Regarding can not be a maga and a Catholic. Please explain your position…thanks!

Yeh, where did Catholics get the notion they could vote for someone who claims to be Catholic but promotes abortion to the 9th month? Then there’s the fact that Catholics should really, really be into law and order. After all, the Catholic Church invented that, as it were. Well, God did but Catholics are really into God (real ones, anyhow). So why would you vote for someone who violates US law by opening the border to 180 different countries, many of whom send us their terrorists and spies. China never lets anyone leave that country, yet here they are, by the 10s of thousands!

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Frédéric Bastiat was a Catholic who lived in the 1800’s wrote a book titled, “The Law” and I recommend it often.

The laws of men are not good, simply because individuals who have been democratically elected define them. As Democrats and Republicans continue to abuse laws for political gains, the more that Republican and Democratic voters start to see the libertarian point view.

Socialism is a system that is said to be “for the common good,” but there is nothing moral about socialism when it is not voluntarily entered into. Socialists have begun to use this term “Democratic Socialism” to somehow imply that American voters have consented, by participating in the voting process, to such common laws.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe wrote a book titled, “Democracy: The God That Failed,” where he points out the ways in which democracy violates individual freedom, however his answer to replacing our democratic republic, is monarchy.

There are many Catholic Trads who speak very highly of monarchy (which is more Catholic than our current system). It has been said that St. Thomas Aquinas advocated for monarchy, but I have to be honest, I have not studied monarchy enough to speak positive or negative about it. I have a lot of questions: How would we choose a monarch here in the United States? Say, tomorrow we made President Biden the first Monarch of the United States, when he dies, would we get Hunter Biden as his replacement? Sounds like a nightmare!

What do I mean by this. My brother and his Wife are a member of the LĠBTQA.i.+ cult. They are fully boostered and still wear N95’s in public. Their 16 year old identifies as 13 year old boy and has changed her name twice! Her prefęrred pronŏuns are hę/thęy. Their three-and-a-half year old’s prefęrred pronŏuns are thęm/thęy! Anytime I try to have a conversation with my brother, he can never respond in his own words. He simply replies with a link to TıkTok. They have separated themselves from our family, which is very common among cults. They have a new family now, that meets in the month of June to celebrate prıde.

Similarly, MAGA, rallies around a flag. Many believe Donald John Trump was chosen by God. I have seen Scripture verses waved on signs, decorated on billboards, and written into praise & worship type songs, referencing to Trump as being chosen by God. It is borderline idol worship.

I believe that had President Trump won re-election, it would have been the Democrats #resisting and the cult of MAGA rolling up their sleeves to receive Trump’s “beautiful” messenger RNA into their veins in “warp speed!” It would be the Trumpers wearing MAGA Masks in the grocery store isles (to spite the evil Democrats who are resisting Trump). The word “angel” means messenger. Those who received the RNA might be referred to as angels by fellow cult members. If anyone is writing a dystopian novel, feel free to use this : )

The real question is, would we see Pope Francis still pushing this pharmaceutical product as being the “Christian” things to do, had President Trump won re-election? On one hand, Pope Francis is clearly driven by his political ideologies, but on the other hand, he has met with the CEO of Pfizęr on multiple occasions. Come to think of it, isn’t Pope Francis the only absolute Monarch left in Europe? Someone can fact-check me ; )

A little off-topic, but I enjoyed this exploration into Whom is Donald J. Trump actually Married to in the eyes of the Catholic Church?