Election results very very discouraging

Im very very depressed about yesterday’s results. So many people praying and working hard for prolife.

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I too was very disappointed, and then my Grandma passed, which put things into perspective. The Elections results became background noise after this. If we focus on family and loving others, I believe this will do more for the pro-life movement than the Election box.

My Grandma was the most special person in my life. She is the definition of a saint. She and my Mom are the reasons I have the faith that I do.

The Pro-choice side pumped way more money into convincing Ohioans to vote for nonsense and evil. We focused more on Prayer and living our lives, which is the better choice.

God’s permissive will is an interesting thing. But these things are out of our control. We can worry or we can Pray and thank God for all the good in this life. The fact that 44% of Ohioans still value the good, true, and beautiful when it comes to life, is a wonderful thing.

Our Church did a little thing : )

heartbeat1 heartbeat2


These are things that are in our control. #LoveThemBoth

Condolences on your grandmother’s death. Prayers that you and your family feel God’s comfort.
Thank you for your wise words. God bless that 44 percent.

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Excellent effort! May the unborn find ultimate protection in the Lord.

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We’re the problem. Christians don’t vote like Christians; they vote like the general population. If everyone that self-identifies as a Christian voted like a Christian, we wouldn’t have hardly any of the issues we have today. This is directed to both Protestants and Catholics.

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Agree totally. But how do we reach them?
How do we inform them?

There are a couple issues going on. What does it mean to vote like a Christian? To Republicans, this means voting Republican. To Democrats this means voting Democrat.

What I see is individuals serving two masters. Many have made their politics their religion.

I also see a sort of moral relativistic behavior among individuals loyal to each religion. Principles go out the window and reaction to the other shapes their theology. It is not dissimilar to how many Protestants have developed an anti-Marian theology in response to the ancient Church’s devotion to the Theotokos or Deipara.

When Republicans are anti-war, Democrats are pro-war. Or as we are seeing with current conflicts both are pro-war, but support opposite sides of the war.

Had President Trump won re-election and continues pushing the injection of messenger RNA, it would be the Democrats who resisted it and you would have seen Republicans rolling up their sleeves and still wearing masks. But, because President Biden was pushing them, Republicans became opposed.

Pro-lifers could try doing an ad that refers to a baby in the womb as trans and call abortion “hate crime.” But, because pro-lifers tend to be Republican, Democrats would still be in favor of killing trans-babies. However, in addition to this, pro-lifers would be presenting an unturth as truth, so who would be winning here?

We win when we stand for the good, the true, and the beautiful. This means that if your guy commits evil acts, you do not defend him, simply because he is “the lesser of two evils.” Do not stand for evil and do stand up for truth.

Republicans and Democrats are almost predictable and dare I say programmable at this point.

The church is divided between the head people and the heart people. And though we need both the heart and the head, both have been corrupted by their loyalty to their political affiliations.

Give to God what belongs to God and do not make government your god. Love your neighbor, while at the same time standing for truth.

What I meant by Christians need to vote like Christians is that there are a hierarchy of issues. For example, abortion, euthanasia, gay “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning are non-negotiable issues. This has been confirmed time and again by the USCCB and CDF. If candidate A is good on the non-negotiables, but is suspect in other areas and candidate B is wrong on the non-negotiables and are better on other issues, then Catholics are to vote candidate A regardless of the stances on the lesser issues. Here is a link from a parish priest before the 2020 election, but more in-depth documents/voter guides can be found. The Five Non-Negotiables | St. Michael Catholic Church (stmichaellivermore.com)

I voted for Candidate C.