Ohio Abortion Bill Would Allow Abortion Up to 9 Months!

I am a Libertarian in Ohio and I abstained from voting in the recent special election (Issue 1) where the Republicans had a bill that gave politicians too much power. Now the fight for parental rights begins & the way this ballot initiative is worded is wizardry!

If you would have voted against slavery back in the day, you should also vote against this ballot initiative that views unborn human beings as less than human, strips parents of their rights, and gives children full consent, under the guise of “health.” :nauseated_face:

Pro-life Libertarians should vote NO on November 7th!

And I encourage all Pro-lifers to invite a friend out for lunch/dinner before/after you vote to encourage one another to get to the polls.

And anyone reading this right now, please Pray for Ohio, for the unborn, for children who struggle with identity, and for young women who are pregnant and scared, that all choose what is good, true, and beautiful over the inversion that their culture tries to convince them wrongly of.

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The recently defeated Issue 1 did not give politicians too much power. It simply required a super majority to amend the state Constitution and prevent mob rule. The U.S. Constitution has even stricter requirements for amendment than what this would have done in Ohio. A 60% threshold is not too much to ask for something as important as changing the Constitution.

I fear keeping it a simple majority will lead Ohio down the road of Michigan.

That was one part of that bill. There were 3 Parts. The Ohio Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties all require over 60% to change their respective Party Constitutions. This was not the problem.

A “yes” vote would have amended the Ohio Constitution to:

  1. increase the voter approval threshold for new constitutional amendments to 60%;
  2. require citizen-initiated constitutional amendment campaigns to collect signatures from each of the state’s 88 counties, an increase from half (44) of the counties.
  3. eliminate the cure period of 10 days for campaigns to gather additional signatures for citizen-initiated constitutional amendments when the original submission did not have enough valid signatures.

This might not seem like a lot of power to those already in power, but to those of us who constantly try to get ballot access, know how much power this truly is.

Now that the powerful elites did not get their way, you and I can now work together to make sure that the Issue 1 that will be on this November ballot (which is insane) does not pass! Reach out to all your pro-life family and friends and invite them to the polls on November 7th! Offer to give them a ride and take them out for lunch/dinner afterwards (not as a bribe, but as a friend).

The deadline for voter registration or to change your name or address for the November 7, 2023, Special Election is October 10, 2023. Encourage all of your pro-life friends to register and vote “NO” in NOvember!

Our local Democratic Party Affiliate is promoting “Catholics for Choice” on their Facebook Page. I pushed back and said that this organization is not Catholic, but rather a political organization. I then asked if the individual making these posts was Catholic. Surprise, surprise their answer was no. But, they said they had Catholic friends. I told her that I would rather be having this conversation with her Catholic friends. I know Democrats who go to our Church who take their faith very serious and I would love to have a conversation about where they stand on this issue. I am a member of a Party that is majority pro-choice, though there are more of us Pro-Lifers than most think. We’re just less loud and aggressive than the majority. I have a feeling this is true of the Democrat families that attend our Church. Or I could be wrong in my assumption and they might be fully on-board with these evil acts or convinced themselves that it is a good (for environmental reasons, which is ends justify the means kind of stuff).

Keep Praying that Issue 1 does not pass in Ohio. And if it does, Pray for the unborn, as well as for the mothers, and fathers. Pray for Catholic Christians who are convinced that abortion is sometimes morally acceptable. It isn’t.

Today is the day! I am encouraging all Catholic Christians in Ohio to vote “NO” on Issue 1!

Our Bishop encouraged all Parishes in our diocese to Pray for 40 hours leading up to today’s Election. I Prayed before the Blessed Sacrament last night (I took the graveyard shift). Continue to Pray that Ohio Issue 1 is voted down.

Thank you to all of our Bishops who have stood up against this insanity.

In spite of our efforts, Ohio Issue 1 passed. That Soros’ money is really hard to beat (but, don’t tell him that. He probably already sees himself as a god).

Wouldn’t have passed if Issue 1 in August went the other way. That’s why the one in August was so important.

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The problem I had with the August bill the Ohio GOP tried to pass is that it was the Republicans cheating, because they did not think they could win in the battle of public opinion.

Had the August bill passed (which I did not vote for) it would give politicians more power and control. On the other hand, it would have prevented outside money and influences from tampering with the Ohio Constitution. Because I could see both sides and agree with both sides, I chose not to vote one way or the other.

I am a registered Libertarian and the Ohio GOP have done things like this to cheat in the past and it does not sit well with me. When Governor John Kasich was running for re-election, several members of the Ohio GOP crafted a bill (OH SB 193) kicking Libertarians off the ballot to ensure John Kasich’s re-election.

Then we have the map issue. They are still tinkering around with this. My brother is running for Public Office (as a Republican), but still does not know who will be in his district, because of this map situation.

Ohio Republicans say they care about honest & fair elections, but their actions show otherwise.

I did vote against Ohio Issue 1 this past November 7th. I just wish the Republican Party would have spent as much effort as they do trying to play dirty politics as they do getting their members to get out and vote. And not just to show up , but to stop voting in bad Republicans. I saw more Vote Yes signs in my County than Vote No signs. I asked the Republican Party if they had any Vote No signs and all I got was crickets. So, I reached out to our nearest Rite to Life and they not only responded, but had a fellow Pro-Life Libertarian deliver hundreds of signs. I gave some signs to members of the Knights of Columbus. I then reached out to the Republican Party again (because half of our local Libertarian Party is pro-choice and the other half is pro-life and we are much smaller than the two legacy Parties). I asked the Republicans if they wanted signs to hand out to people. Crickets. So, I reached out to a neighboring County pro-life group and they were excited to receive my Vote No signs, as they had just run out. They had passed out over 600 signs and sponsored 3 giant billboards! Eventually I heard back from the Republicans and I gave them the remainder of my signs.

Democrats are better at coalition building than Republicans are. They are more willing to work with individuals they disagree with on other issues to win the current fight. If Republicans want to start winning hearts and minds, they need to stop cheating, do more coalition building, and be more friendly towards the Libertarians.

The Libertarian Party will be collecting signatures to get back on the ballot. If the Republicans really do care about “honest & fair” elections like they say they do, then support our being on the ballot. And if you don’t, then don’t get mad when Libertarians run as Republicans. If the Democrats truly are against “voter suppression” like they say they are, they too will support Libertarians being on the ballot. Libertarians are not Republicans nor are Libertarians Democrats. Libertarians are individuals who would like to be able to vote for other Libertarians that we agree with. Libertarians want to not have to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” because most Libertarians do not want to vote for evil. The Republican Party is not entitled to my vote. The Democrat Party is not entitled to my vote. The Libertarian Party is not entitled to my vote.

Politics is not my religion and government is not my God.

Hi and thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work for the cause. I learned in a small town that “small town politics” really is a thing. Glad you were able to overcome it. Would you get mad if I suggested that you register as a Republican?
OK then, I won’t mention it.

Thanks again.

Ha-ha : ) I don’t get mad at individuals who have differing opinions than I have. I don’t know if you know this, but libertarians disagree with one another even; and it is okay, because we don’t want to use government force to make others be like us.

When Republicans say “Liberians” believe this or that, they usually mean libertinism, which is not libertarianism at all.

If you want to know what libertarianism is to me, here are two books that I recommend:

  • “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat (He was Catholic too)
  • “Free is Beautiful” by Randy England (also Catholic)

I am in the Pro-life Caucus and the Christian Liberty Caucus of the Libertarian Party.

“Be free, yet without using freedom as a pretext for evil.” — 1 Peter 2:16

I recommend the “Tom Woods Show” (if you listen to Podcasts). He is also Catholic.