Sola scriptura controls those who believe it

I work with a guy who is southern Baptist. Always has his Bible with him. He is the type that says hello and precedes to tell you what he is studying, reading or something church related. I’ll give him credit as he knows every page in his Bible. He can quote it much better than I can.

I generally avoid him but I asked him the other day as to why he doesn’t believe in purgatory. I knew why already but I figured I’d engage in a little conversation with him. So I asked and he replied by saying…

“point to where it says purgatory in the Bible”

My response…

“you didn’t answer my question”

He literally stopped talking and walked away.

Scripture alone completely controls those who believe that and they don’t realize it in any sense.

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I’ve had non Catholics ask me about the Catholic veneration of the Blessed Mother.Joel Osteen put it best…“If you can agree on 80%,why argue about the 20%?”…In my opinion,The Southern Baptists are better than the “Cafeteria Catholics”…

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What is your vision of a “Cafeteria Catholic”

I genuinely ask because I’m curious.

I framed my original post in a way I probably should not have. It comes across negatively and arrogant, neither were my intent.


Cafeteria Catholic is a person who considers themselves Catholic,but will only follow the teachings that he/she chooses to follow,other teachings they ignore…

Dear, Brothers & Sisters
Lets remember the wheat and the tears grow together.( In every denomination and Faith of Christianity ( The Church) there both good and evil). In the end they will be separated and confusion cleared up. Jesus Christ will make all truth known. we need to focus on Jesus and salvation spreading the message of his Kingdom , Return and Judgment!, and stop fighting each other! We need to be united not divided!—Rev. Jake Babineau

Point to where it says the trinity in the Bible. Part of the problem is that your co-worker’s Bible does not contain the entire Old Testament cannon.

Many Protestants have a misunderstanding of what Purgatory is. I have expanded upon this topic more here.

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Several Questions that I like to ask Baptists to twist their minds:

  1. Where is Sola Scriptura in the Bible and if you do believe in SS, then why do you deny John 6:53?

  2. Where is Sola Fide in the Bible? (faith alone has a “not” in front of it; “not by faith alone.)

  3. When the Catholic Church decided on the canon of the Bible, where did they say to forget almost 400 years of Tradition that was established by The Apostles as guided by the Holy Spirit?

  4. If I wrote “Michael Jordon was BAAAD!!” would people in 1,000 years think that MJ was a terrible basketball player?

When they ask what does MJ have to do with our discussion about the Bible, I say “with any ancient writings, you have to know the audience that was being written to, and what language meant at the time.”

Baptist like to pick up the Bible and read it for themselves and think that they know something because it says so in the Bible.

They can be wrong in many cases. For example, they are wrong when they say that Jesus had brothers because it “says so in the Bible.”.

There are at least two things wrong with this argument.

One, there’s no word in the Greek or Latin for cousin, so “brother” was used interchangeably for “brother.”

Also, Jesus was first and foremost, Jewish. Had Jesus had other siblings, he would NEVER have told John that he was now the son of Mary, and that Mary was the mother of John. I doubt that the last thing Jesus did prior to passing was to insult his Jewish faith.

NOTE: Excuse me for not listing chapter & verse o& for paraphrasing any of the above. It’s almost midnight & I’m really tired. :smiley:

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I like to ask those who believe in Sola Scriptura, what does the Bible say is the “pillar & foundation of truth” (1 Timothy 3:15)? Did Jesus come and hand out Bibles to every individual He encountered? Jesus was the light of the Word, the Word incarnate; and the Word was God (opening chapter of the Gospel of John). Jesus, our Savior, came so that we might have life (John 10:10). And He gave the Apostles and their successors the authority to teach & heal (Luke 9:1-6, and to bind & loosen (Matthew 18:18-20). Also read the book of Acts.

I am currently reading through the Early Church Councils and they definitely speak with a tone of authority. I’ve also read The Didache, which means teachings (written around the end of the first century or early second century).

Hi, new here. I was in the evangelical community for decades so the Bible alone was certainly practiced. I guess my own view is that, for me personally, if someone states something then,yes, I do refer to Scripture understanding I am fallible while doing so though. Paul commended the Bereans for searching the Scriptures to see if what he was saying was correct. Having said that I am thankful that the Church is our final authority and not myself.

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Ohhh, I forgot about the Didache.

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