Bible study with non Catholics

I was invited by a protestant friend to attend an ecumenical bible study. I have discovered most of the group is Baptist, one being a former Catholic who recently joined the Baptist church. I am a Catholic convert of 15 years and feel solid in my faith, but I wonder if I should continue with this group. They are all very welcoming and even seem receptive to comments I share that describe Catholic teaching on various topics, but I’m very frustrated by the commentary from the Baptist teacher who does the video message for each lesson. For example, the message for Romans 2 was that religion makes people judgmental and hypocritical, all we need is a personal relationship with Jesus. Should I continue or seek out a Catholic study group?


As Catholics I feel that we do have a personal relationship with JESUS through the HOLY EUCHARIST but there is more to it than that. As an example, intentionally not attending Sunday Mass each week is a Mortal Sin and you can’t go to Heaven with a mortal sin on your soul! You should check with your parish to see if the have a Bible study group or ask your priest if one can be started!


Hi Jeri,

It sounds like you are solid in your faith and it sounds like you are able to charitably share what Catholic Christians believe and why. You sound a lot like me ; )

I do a one-on-one Bible Study with a Protestant co-worker (United Brethren) and she too has made the comment that religion is bad and relationship is good. The truth is, religion without relationship is bad. Religion is simply what we believe. Everyone has a religion (even if that religion is their politics or anti-theism that shapes their worldview).

We have another co-worker who is Lutheran, her Dad is a Pastor and her Grandfather was a Bishop in the Lutheran Church, but she does not believe the Bible is true. She believes they are just good stories that teach a society practical ways to live. She has religion, but lacks the relationship with The real God who loves her.

Every Catholic Saint had a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Christian Faith is like a Marriage. Our Baptism is like our Wedding Day. Prayer is communication. Reconciliation is forgiveness. Eucharist is intimacy. It does not get more personal than this! : )

I would say that if you are having fun and it is not weakening your faith, then I would continue with this group (knowing that they are going to say some untruthful things). We have some good conversations at work among Christians from different faith traditions. I’m usually quiet and let everyone else speak and then I will say, “well, what we believe is…” with a big smile on my face. And usually what I have to say makes more sense and the fact that I believe it, whereas the Lutheran girl does not, it gives me more credibility among the other Christians I work with.

Hope you find something here helpful : )


I would drop it like a hot potatoe. They will not listen to you but will simply try to change your faith.


I’ve attended a Protestant bible study once and felt I’d be right at home since they are Christ believers. But unfortunately, that feeling didn’t come to fruition. One of the ladies came late one day and explained she was pregnant again with their fourth child. The room erupted…in a negative sense, really. They all asked her how she was to handle FOUR children!! They asked her what is she going to do!?! I then realized I was in the wrong place and ended my commitment with them and found a Catholic Bible study group at my parish. I suggest that you find a Catholic Bible study near you or find one online. God bless.


The paragraph beginning 'the Christian faith . . . is awesome, worthy of meditation.