Is this now normal?

My 14 year old granddaughter plays club volleyball for an openly gay male coach.

His other half has been introduced to the girls & parents as his “husband” & the husband cheers on the sidelines & attends team dinners with his “husband” coach.

In the world that I grew up in & in my Catholic world this is not normal & I’ll leave it at that for this post.

Before I say more, what do y’all think?


Unfortunately, this is becoming normalized in the culture. Is this a Catholic club team? If it is, then this is problematic.

The ironic thing is that lęsbians have nearly gone extinct and have been replaced by the latest push, trąns. But same-sex-attracted males have not. I’m sure there is some phycological reasons for this.

There has been a bit of a split within the gąy community. Some who embrace everything under the LGBTQA.i.+ banner and those who believe it has gone too far. It is interesting.

I have a niece who began identifying as a 13 year old boy a few years ago. She has changed her name twice now, from Alexis to Max, from Max to Icarus. I predict that when she enters her twenties that she will no longer want to be called Icarus and change her name for a third time.

Her parents began unschooling her when she was young and she consumed a lot of YouTube, watching influencers who identify and promote such lifestyles. Part of unschooling is finding out what your child is interested in and educating them through their interests. So they began taking their daughter to prıde parades before she decided she was a boy. I used to joke that my sister-in-law wanted nothing more than to have a lęsbian daughter and a trąns child (with their second daughter). Mother of the Year. But then their first daughter began identifying as trąns.

Then the pronouns became the thing. She goes by hım/thęy. And my Mom tried so hard to play the game, but one Easter gathering accidentally called her by the wrong pronoun and they would not talk to my Mom for nearly two years. And it was an honest mistake. My Mom was trying to play along, because my Mom does not want to lose them.

I am considered the family bígot, because I choose not to play along. I believe that this is a very sad situation and is either a form of mental illness at best or cult-like behavior at worst.

Thankfully, they started coming around again to visit my Mom, but they refuse to talk to the rest of the family. They say it is because they are still scared of the virus, even though they had already gotten it and survived it. Thankfully, my Brother and his Wife came to my Grandma’s Funeral (well, just out to the cemetery, but they showed up—with masks on, but they showed up).

I still love my Brother. I miss seeing him. I have forgiven all of them in my heart for things that they have said and done to me personally, but I disagree with their religion (and it is a religion).

The difference, however, between their religion and my religion is that I can still get along with individuals who disagree with me. I would much rather them come around and tell their children that I am their crazy, bígot Uncle than for them to never have known me and me them. I show my kids pictures of their Uncle, Aunt, and cousins and tell them that they exist, but that they choose not to come to family gatherings, but that some day they might, and that is a good thing.

Going back to your original question, yes, we are living in a world of inversion. And if you do not go along with this nonsense, then you are considered hateful by design. However, as I mentioned, there are individuals within their own cult who are starting to realize that maybe this has gotten a bit ridiculous. And what once felt like a welcoming community for outcasts has become more like a religious cult.

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Yes, it is now normal. No way I’d let my children play on that team. My 5 year old daughter now says “Eeewww” whenever she sees a rainbow flag. In fact, all 5 of my kids know that that lifestyle is unacceptable.

Yes i think it is. Not sure we can avoid or ignore Must tolerate and be charitable but educate our children as to why it is wrong according to our faith.

.Hello All,

Thanks for the replies!!!

I just got back from attending my 14 yr old granddaughter’s 3 day volleyball tournament & the “husband” did not attend.

At one of the team dinners, I made it a point to sit down opposite the coach and talk to him for a little bit. He was nice enough and I found out that he went to a Baptist University and studied Fine Arts, no surprise there.

I couldn’t help but wonder why a 35 year old gay man would want to coach young girls. He has a day job in marketing, so what gives?

It just doesn’t seem right.

I know a female college volleyball coach and I asked her why it seems like there are a lot of gay coaches, both male and female, and her response was that no one is willing to challenge things and that it’s been that way for 20 years and growing.

As far as my granddaughter playing for him, her parents didn’t know and when you sign a volleyball contract, you are locked into that team for the entire season and no other team can pick you up.

If she were to quit, the chance of her playing in HS would be zero, that’s how big Club Volleyball is.

3 more months to go and it can’t come soon enough.


There are a lot more things on God’s green earth to focus on than whether or not our relatives are playing volleyball with a married gay couple. Let’s not be petty.


Yes, there are bigger things in life, but that doesn’t mean we should trivialize and accept what we know to be wrong.

How is condemning homosexuality and all that goes with it being “petty?”

Francis is in poor leader, that is pretty obvious. I’m afraid that Cardinal Fernandez will be his replacement. If so, I may have to switch to Greek Orthodox or find a Nigerian church where the priests don’t accept homosexuality as normal like our pope does.

I’m all for loving the sinner & not the sin, but now a lot comes with that theory such as transgenderism, trolling & grooming.

It’s time that our Apostolic Church dumps it’s V2 modernism & leads people by telling them that sin in the 1st century is still sin now.

We can’t mold God just because secularism has taken over our church.

God always was, always will be, and ALWAYS REMAINS THE SAME. At least that’s what we are supposed to believe.

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I have a few thoughts in regards to what @Not3CatsInTrenchcoat commented and some words of encouragement to @Ignatius

I understand that this may seem petty to some (Jesuit types), but we must also understand that there is a movement under the rąinbow banner that seeks to destroy families.

Even St. John Paul II recognized how important the family is and how under attack families are, “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

This is not a petty thing. This is incrementalism towards the destruction. And many in their movement would agree with JP2’s quote. When they say the quiet part out loud, they will tell you that they hate this nation (and nationalism in general), as well as the world in which we live (at the time of Pope John Paul’s statement).

Lastly, though I share your concern, Ig, please do not leave (yet). Truth matters to me as well and I have stated that if there is a solid split in the Catholic Church, I must go where the truth goes. But, we must remain hopeful that God will turn this ship around if we remain faithful to Him. The wrongs of Pope Francis (as well as his predecessors & successors) will be corrected and then let the Jesuit types split.

There is hope, because the Trad’s (which I am not one, but I am sympathetic) are the ones having large families. And most Priests come from large, faithful Families (another reason why the Family is a threat to those who promote evil).

So, remain hopeful. Pray for Christ’s Church and for young men who are discerning the Priesthood. Live the truth and love everyone, even those who disagree with us, but do not compromise to their ways of thinking.

God shall be exalted, and Christ’s peace be with you, as we pray Come Holy Spirit!

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