Do you like the Old or the New Knights of Columbus Uniforms?

When you become a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus, you get to wear a sanctioned uniform. They changed the look of the uniform a few years ago.

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While in Chinatown this weekend, in Toronto, Canada, I saw a Catholic precession honoring our Blessed Mother and a Chinese KofC council were representing. I like the new uniforms better than the old.

I am a third degree member. Are there any other knights here on this forum? If you would like to see if your area has a council, you can find this information here.

I’m a 4th degree Knight, but never once dressed out. Wasn’t my deal, I guess. As for the organization, after 15 years, I’ve about had it with my Council. There are other ones on the Island. I may check them out.

Since the issue over new versus old uniforms is a moot point. I will decline to comment. I have no preference.

Thank you for your feedback. When our Church started their Council, they made a point to say, that if we do this, know that we are not a wife-bashing, drinking club. We should be building up, not tearing down. We are here for our Faith, our Family, and our Community. Some councils have forgotten their mission and have become nothing more than a social club. I Pray that every KofC Council rediscovers their mission, through Christ, our King, Amen. ♱

So true! Thanks for your prayers for the KoC. They need them!

I am a 4th degree KofC. I liked the “old” traditional uniforms. However, the decision has been made. I had great hopes in joining the Knights. I was looking for a place to gather and discuss being Catholic and theology. The Knights are supposed to be defenders of the Faith. I have asked the members of the Council and the Assembly to write the sponsors of anti-Catholic programming to stop funding such shows and to boycott their products until that happens and NO ONE was interested. In fact, members, defended the sponsors. I refer to shows like It’s always sunny in Philadelphia when a "drunk Priest urinated on the wall of a bar and later declared it to be a miraculous image of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. In the show, it became a place of pilgrimage and much negative comments. Or in Law & Order the crimes occur in Catholic Churches, bodies hidden in baptismals, breach of the sanctity of the Confessional, Priests breaking their vows… There is a constant negativity against the Church. Silence is condoning and accepting as true and accurate.

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I think you might be the only person I know who watches “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia,” but I agree with you that television shows portray the Catholic Church in a negative light. And now there is a writer’s strike, so there is hope.

I hate when action films will have a battle scene that take place inside of a Catholic Church and obliviate this Sacred place!

As far as your local Knights of Columbus not writing letters nor being run how you would like to see it being run, I would say that you could run for the grand-knight position if it ever comes up. Then you can change the direction of your council. Is this something you have ever thought about doing?

Or you can give to other organizations that are outspoken about the entertainment industry portraying Catholics in a bad light, though we do a pretty good job of portraying ourselves in a bad light with all of the scandals and whatnot.

We need to continue Praying for Christ’s Church and living in co-operation with God’s grace.

Like any organization, the Knights of Columbus reflects the people who join. Get active and lead. GO to the Knights website to learn about all the excellent work the organization is doing: Warriors to Lourdes, Coats for Kids, Special Olympics, Support for Vocations, Desaster Relief, Food for Families, and the numerous church, community, youth, and family programs they are supporting, Ask your council leaders to discuss in the meeting the programs your council in supporting because you would like to select the programs you will become a part of. If you stay on that track for just a short time you will become a council leader and then you can lead your council in a better direction. God Bless and good luck,


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I like the new and the old. Put a large group of men together all dressed in new or old to give glory to God and I am sure the only important thing is that they give glory to God.

I prefer the old one. It really stands out. That said, I have not seen a ceremony with the new as our council is allowing those with the old to continue wearing it. And since many young men do not have the means to purchase the full uniform they don’t offer to be in the honor guard. It is sad to hear of requests for the honor guard and ceremonies have to do without because there are not enough men available.

I prefer the old uniforms better.

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Past Grand Knight, St. James #2299

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