How do we lessen the number of abortions?

  • More Government
  • Prayer & Fasting
  • Charity
  • Celebrate Abortion
  • Celebrate Life
  • Protest/March
  • Violence
  • Other
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Other: I believe testimony can also be very powerful. If you have made the choice to take the life of your baby (or for men, supported someone in having an abortion), have recognized that this was sinful & wrong, experienced God’s healing grace, and now love life and desire it for all human beings (big or small), then sharing your story can help someone else who might be hurting or contemplating making the wrong choice.

It is never easy to admit our faults, but with God’s grace, a lot of good can come from being honest with ourselves, with others, and with God. Do not let your mistakes define who you are. Give it all to God and let Jesus heal you in the sacrament of Reconciliation! :heart_decoration:


Buy from companies that don’t advertise paying travel costs for “reproductive care” (which means killing babies). Instead buy local and/or find other suppliers.


I attended our Knights of Columbus meeting last night and we voted to donate funds to HeartBeat so that they can purchase a new ultrasound machine.


A big part of the problem is that, by the time a woman is pregnant in an unplanned way, we’re playing catch-up. We should still do this—the results and stories of the rescue ministries are very uplifting. We need to teach people, especially our young people, the true purpose and meaning of sex and the “why” of such teachings and do so in a way that reflects the beauty of the teachings. Too much of said teaching, and even in Catholic schools, is limited to the “what” and the “why” is limited to “it’ll be a huge inconvenience to get pregnant out of wedlock”. I’d like to see our teachers—especially parents—learn the lessons about the virtue of purity as discussed by Dietrich von Hildebrand and then pass those on.
I’m the father of five and the foregoing would have been incredibly valuable to me. Suffice it to say, I don’t advocate for what I’ve suggested because I was anything remotely close to a perfect practitioner, either as a father or as a man. Far, far, far, from it.


Banning abortion at six weeks in Texas led to a 60 percent drop in abortions. This is a huge leap forward and politically achievable.


I’m with Kevin on this one. It has to start much earlier than once a woman is pregnant. Much earlier! We need to work on teaching and modeling good virtues and morals. The past several years in pro-life - anti-life debate has shown preaching at anti-lifers does not work. So, just as we are called to evangelize our faith by living our lives according to God’s will, we should do the same for pro-life.

For example, how many times have you responded well to someone telling you over & over how to do something? I know I just shut down. In contrast, how well do you respond to someone modeling something for you? Again, for me, I tend to learn.

We need to change the culture of death, the culture of disposable items, the culture of “it’s all about me.” We need to show/model how life can be without all that. Most of all we need to approach this with mercy and a charitable heart. This will include access to resources associated with a new child.


Local parishes, communities and dioceses providing new new mothers or families (regardless of marriage status): employment/education opportunities, housing, (maybe?) stipends, and other things that seem like egregious acts of kindness would hopefully put a dent in it.


Abortion is really a war against the child and “all hands on deck” is called for. Catechesis for the young, actively pro-life for adults, firm and constant religious denunciation of abortion from the hierarchy and more leadership from the man that is supposed to be the world’s #1 defender of the unborn, but is definitely not, the Pope.


Our current Pontiff probably believes in over-population theory and is a Jesuit, which means he probably also believes in situational ethics. And if he does believe in both of these, then he could easily justify abortion to “save the human species” or “save the planet.”

However, traditionally, the Church has always taught that the ends do not justify the means.


Provide options. I sit on the board of we provide a home for moms and babies.
Donate to charities that serve life. Also, encourage the family.


Live Action has produced a video showing the development that takes place in the womb. Several states have introduced bills that if passed, would require it to be shown in public schools. To me it seems like a basic biology video, but pro-abortion activists are up in arms about it, so that tells me it is probably worth doing.
Meet Baby Olivia | A Never Before Seen Look At Human Life In The Womb (

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Much Less government.

As long as government is involved it will stop.

I think it’s alarming that “violence” was an option here and that some people voted for it…

Anyway, if you want to dramatically lessen the number of abortions, do something about the overwhelming number of violent men raping and abusing women.

Don’t want to speak for the creator of this thread or the people that voted for violence, but there is actually a legitimate argument for selecting that option. If abortion is the murder of an innocent person, which pro-lifers claim that it is, then there is a philosophical argument for using force to prevent violence against the innocent. For example, if you are walking down the street and you see a man holding a gun to a young child’s head and counting down to presumably pulling the trigger, then you would be morally justified using force to the kill the man holding the gun.

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Eradicate all men! :joy: (Just kidding.)

What percentage of abortions would you say are a result of rąpe?

Don’t leave out “abuse”. Between abuse and rape, a LOT. If the only way to prevent men from raping and abusing women and girls is killing them, then we sure do have problems don’t we

I will speak on it (as I created the thread ; ) I believe in the non-aggression principle. I did not choose this option, but the reason that I included it is because I understand that some do believe this. Nor do I believe more government is the answer. Government is bigger than ever in our History and the number of abortions have not went down drastically as a result of more government. But, I included this answer, because I know that some do believe that more government is the answer to problems we face.

I believe the hired hit-men (who some refer to as doctors) should be the ones put in jail, not the mothers who are misguided. Others may disagree.

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Hi Cade_One,
Sorry but I disagree. Aggression is appropriate in some cases. Government could outlaw abortion if politicians were Godly. Abortionists should receive the death penalty as mass murderers. Abortive women should receive jail sentences as the Catholic Church says.

I used to be in favor of the death penalty, but my views on this have changed.

Where has the Catholic Church said this? I’m going to need to see some documentation.