How do we lessen the number of abortions?

I read an article recently where the author contended that if you end a human life intentionally then you are depriving that person of the potential of repenting later in their life. Which is a very good point.

So I have to say we should never kill anyone. God’s commandment is “Thall shalt not kill” - it’s not followed by a bunch of exceptions to that rule.

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Hi Cade_One

Here is you requested documentation…

“As a consequence of the respect and protection which must be ensured for the unborn child from the moment of conception, the law must provide appropriate penal sanctions for every deliberate violation of the child’s
CCC 2273

Since you did not know this I would urge you to update yourself on important Catholic topics. Also realize that the death penalty is endorsed throughout the Bible especially by the GOOD THIEF.


The actual translation is "Thou shall not Murder’. We kill in warfare and in self-defense all the time.

The Church Fathers say that willingly accepting the death penalty is the ultimate act of repentance. The Good Thief on the cross said he deserved the death penalty. Don’t listen to every so and so on important matters.

Right, but this does not say what you claim it does. Sure, your interpretation fits, but so could any severe penalty.

Is this like the equivalence of when a woke individual says, “you need to educate yourself”?

I have read the entire Catechism. I agree that individuals who take innocent human life should be held accountable.

Our Country often kills unjustly. Innocent lives are taken by the unjust wars funded by the politicians too cowardly to fight themselves. When was the last time Congress declared war? How many wars have politicians funded since? Too many. I believe war, like self-defense, is sometimes necessary.

If I accidentally struck someone with my car, I would feel responsible and accept the penalty given me. Though I might deserve death, I would hope that I would be spared death.

A big problem with the death penalty is when one is falsely accused. Before, when I was very pro-death penalty, I believed this happens rarely, until a man came and spoke to our Church, along with the Priest who helped free him from being put to death for a crime in which he did not commit! The Priest was a lawyer in addition to being ordained a Catholic Priest.

This man who was falsely accused, only knew the men who did unspeakable things to a woman before dumping her body, for a day. He had started a knew construction job and after a hard days work, he was invited to go out for a drink with these guys. Had he known what would take place afterwards he never would have had anything to do with them. They put the blame on him and he had nothing to do with the evil that was committed.

It happens all the time. I listen to a lot of true crime. These prosecutors with big egos often make mistakes. Sometimes they are running for higher office and taking down “a murderer” prior to an election looks really good for the campaign. Go watch the past three “Datelines” and you will see how incompetent some of these Police Detectives can be. Most just wrongly believe they have the right guy, but because they get tunnel vision or pressure from the deceased family, they will get stuck on one suspect and do everything they can to build a case around this individual.

Curtis Flowers spent decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. There is a Podcast about his case that you can listen to.

Lions of Liberty used to have “Felony Friday” where they would interview someone every week who had been wronged by the justice system.

When wars and the justice system become unjust, we cannot blindly support either.

I am not against the death penalty. I am just no longer pro-death penalty.

I am just trying to get thru to you that “put in jail” and “penal sanctions” are 99% the same thing which you wrongly doubted the Catholic Church taught.
Hi Cade_One

Obviously you did not read that part of the Catechism. That is not “woke” on my part. I am simply telling the truth to someone who does not know the truth. Accidentally killing some with a car is not murder.

Abortive mothers are not misguided. The Command THOU SHALL NOT MURDER is written on every human heart by God(natural law). Nobody in the Bible was ever forgiven for child murder.

The death penalty has been applied horribly at times and unjust wars have been fought. These faults do not overcome the truth expressed by the Good Thief.

I think there is a miscommunication on both our parts. I took it that you were saying that the Church teaches that individuals who murder babies in the womb should be put to death and that mothers (and fathers) who request abortions should be put in jail. I do not see where the Catechism explicitly says this. Nor do I read the Catechism as saying this. You and I agree that someone should be held accountable for taking innocent human life. We just disagree on what the Church teaches in regards to punishment of this crime.

I agree that natural law exists in spite of what one believes about it (I too believe in objective truth).

You say that mothers who choose abortions are not misguided. What does a guide do? A guide leads someone. Jesus talked about the blind leading the blind.

Some of these women (and men) have been lead to believe that life in the womb is not a life. Others have been lead to believe this life is inferior or “nonviable” (which I view as a derogatory term).

We know that when women who get ultrasounds done early in the pregnancy, their chances of choosing to end the life of their unborn child drastically goes down! Their eyes are opened to reality. In a sense, the scales fall from their eyes.

Lord, I pray that Your Holy Spirit guides these misguided mothers (and fathers); not the world. For the world is blinded by fear, greed, selfishness, lies, and by what she perceives to be compassion. And like Saul, may they regain their sight, may they get up, and be baptized (if they have not already been). And to those who have made the wrong choice, forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. Amen

I appreciate it. Thank you very much.