Do you practice Natural Family Planning (NFP) in your Marriage?

Before my Wife and I were Married, we talked about welcoming NFP into our Covenant when we would become Husband and Wife.

Has it always been easy? No. Has it been a Blessing to our Marriage, Yes.

We have friends who were Married around the same time we were and though they have five children, began contracepting and now their Marriage is crumbling. Please keep them in your Prayers.

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very happy for you.Prayers for you…

Hehehehehe… Welp… We did the required classes before our marriage and we were tracking her cycle but she wanted our first child IMMEDIATELY!

So we only tracked about 3 months total…

But I’m glad we did because a lot of people forget that NFP isn’t only about NOT having kids, it actually helped us take the guess work out of when she was most likely to conceive so we could build a solid roadmap for her pregnancy and properly prepare for our first child.

Seriously, I don’t know why more people don’t use NFP. It’s easy and you don’t have to spend money or put drugs into your body.

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I like R&B music and I will sometimes listen to a radio channel that switches over from music to talk radio in the afternoon. They had someone on who stressed how women (specifically black women) should stop putting chemicals in their hair! Then later on the same show, in a different segment, the host encouraged young woman to get on the pill. So, don’t put the chemicals in your hair, it is unhealthy, but do put chemicals into your body. Women’s health is confusing to me.

But then again, health advice in general is convoluted. One day coffee and eggs are good for you, the next they are bad for you, until they are good for you again. And then they are not.

I am glad that my Wife and I decided to practice NFP. It really has helped us to trust & respect one another more fully and it does not impede God’s design of a woman’s body.

It is funny that so far no females have chimed in on this conversation. Wives, we’d love to hear your honest perspective : )

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