Contraception as Medical Treatment

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I’m a protestant convert to Catholicism (I have not been baptised into the Catholic faith yet) and I’ve been trying to apply the Churches teachings in my life. This has meant not using contraception which was very difficult for my wife to swallow since she is still firmly protestant. She’s been trying to be open to natural family planning but since going off hormonal birth control she gets extreme pain around her period that is debilitating. She was prescribed the Pill as a teen to treat this pain and it hasn’t gone away. She wants to get the IUD to treat the pain which I completely understand but I don’t think I can in good conscience have sex knowing she is using a contraceptive.

She said we can monitor her cycle and just abstain during infertile periods, but even if her fertility signs are monitorable while using the IUD I still don’t feel comfortable with it. She is starting to become overwhelmed by this contemplating a life of celibacy within marriage until menopause, and doesn’t think any other methods will help to cure the pain. For me since I believe contraception is wrong and I believe if were obedient God will bless us and help our marriage to be full of joy regardless I have peace. But for her since she doesn’t believe contraception is wrong she says I’m wrecking our marriage on a technicality. What are people’s thoughts about this situation? I’ve asked a priest and he confirmed that we can’t use and IUD. I’ve read and re-read the arguments around contraception and don’t believe I can do it in good conscience. I guess I’m just reaching out for some solidarity.


Isn’t it a blessing that she has medicine for her painful periods? Since you don’t want children at this time, be happy the medicine just happens to prevent pregnancy.

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Thanks for your response. I learned that there is an exception for using contraception to treat a medical illness as long as the contraceptive affect isn’t willed. So she’s going to get the IUD. I am grateful that there is a treatment for her and that we can still be faithful and intimate in our marriage.


Never mind that it is an abortifacient? The ends do not justify the means.

Though there are exceptions for using the pill for other medical reasons, there are Christian doctors who work with women who are dealing with such things, using other methods:

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Thank you Cade for your response and pointing out the abortifacient properties. Most people today don’t realize that artificial contraception almost always involve abortifacients.