Resources for Married Couples trying to Conceive or with Fertility Issues

I have friends who have turned to IVF, not realizing that common practice is the keep the most healthy of conceived human being, and disposing of the weakest.

One of our friends did the right thing by keeping all three of their beautiful babies (triplets), while other friends of ours chose the alternative, which is why I am against in vitro fertilization generally speaking.

Before you think I am judging anyone who has chosen this path, or that I believe their children to be illegitimate, this is not the case. I simply want Married Couples who are struggling to know that there are Doctors who specialize in ethical forms of fertility solutions.

Here are some resources for Married Couples who would like to seek out an alternative:

If anyone here has fertility struggles and would like others to Pray for your situation, feel free to comment. Know that you are not alone.

Let it be known that Church teaching prohibits IVF. Even Francis, perhaps the most liberal pope ever, has called for world wide ban of IVF.

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Please do not forget embryo adoption. This is not condemned by the church. And gives embryos a chance at life and infertile couples a chance at parenthood.