"United" Methodist Church Conference

This is super sad.

Most of the “United” Methodist Churches in our area have chosen not to remain in communion with them, because of this nonsense. I work for a sign company and we have made new signage for a few Methodist Churches who have left.

Has your local United Methodist Church decided to leave the UMC Organization?

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  • I’m not sure
  • We do not have a UMC where I live
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Lord, please do not let this happen to the Catholic Christian Church, which Jesus promised not to let the gates of the netherworld to prevail over her. I Pray also for our separated Methodist brothers & sisters in Christ. Lastly, I Pray for all who have been led astray by this mental enslavement. These individuals claim to be woke, but have been deceived, not unlike Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. Lord, lead all back to the truth and to Your mercy & grace. Amen ♱

It’s probably because of my background growing up in multiple Protestant denominations, but I kind of shrug my shoulders anymore when it comes to what happens in those communities. They reject the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, so I expect this sort of thing to eventually happen to them all.

I found this video quite informative about the politics behind the United Methodist split.

What is interesting is how the African Christians in the Methodist Church are solid, not unlike the African Bishops in the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is not too far from what has happened in the Methodist Church, only it will be done using the Synodal Way.

The Methodists use a type of democracy to define discipline and morality, but even still, when the majority of the UMC Conference(s) voted against the nonsense, somehow the minority was able to force the results they wanted.

Thankfully, the Catholic Church is different than the Protestant Churches, but Pope Francis is trying to change this, which is my concern. I’ve always joked that Pope Francis would make a great ELCA Lutheran, if they would have him : )

I know the Church has been through scandals and struggles throughout History. The First Council of Constantinople (381 AD), for example, talks about how they had “undergone persecutions, afflictions, imperial threats, cruelty from officials, and whatever other trial at the hands of heretics for the sake of the Gospel faith established by the 318 fathers at Nicaea in Bithynia.”

This is just one example of how the Church had stood up for the truth. We need more Bishops to do the same in a time such as now! Lord, hear my Prayer ♱

Well, he does have a statue of Luther and had Luther put on the Vatican stamp a few years back…

Luther’s Statue enthroned at the Vatican (traditioninaction.org)

Vatican announces stamp of Martin Luther on 500th anniversary of Reformation - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

Great point : ) I had forgotten about this.