The Patron Saint of True Crime?

St. Julian “The Poor Man” Hospitaller

Julian was born into a wealthy family. The kind of family that any fourth-century swain would be envious of.

While away on a hunting trip, his parents visited his home unannounced. Mrs. Julian, surprised by the visit, suggested her in-laws sleep in one of the best rooms in the villa.

While hunting, Julian had suspected his Wife of having an affair. When he returned from his excursion, he heard something coming from the bedroom and went to confront the man who had, in his mind, been sleeping with his Wife!

Filled with jealous rage, he killed them both, not realizing that he had just murdered his Mother and his Dad.

Julian was horrified when he realized what he had done and was overcome by deep remorse.

Julian’s Wife forgave him, but he struggled to forgive himself.

Together they started a new chapter. They gave up their lavish lifestyle and dedicated their lives to serving the poor and travelers alike. They opened a hospital near the river where holy crusaders would often cross.

Mrs. Julian went to spend the weekend with her sister and Julian received a visit from an unexpected guest. A leper in need of shelter arrived at the hospice; a test of sorts. Julien, in an act of mercy and kindness, let the man have his own bed.

Years earlier, he had made the most grievous act of his live, because of mistaken identity. Now Julian was making the most redemptive act of his life, because little did he know this man was not a man at all, but really an angel sent by God to share the message that Julian has been forgiven.

Saint Julian’s Feast Day is on February 12th. He is the Patron Saint of hospitality workers, travelers, knights, the childless, musicians, and murderers, among others.

“Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” — Hebrews 13:1-2

Maybe even better than being kind to angels: if you do something for the least of His brothers, you do it for Jesus.

That’s wild about Julian. I don’t remember hearing that before.

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Yes, even more important : )