If you could hang out with one Saint for a day, whom would it be?

We can hang out with the Saints all the time in Prayer. If you could take a time machine and go back though, and spend a day with any Saint, who would you spend time with? (Clearly Jesus is the number one answer, but who is your second choice?)

I would go hang with Saint Maximilian Kolbe while he was in Japan.

St. Joseph. I would like to hear how he dealt with uncertainty.

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St Francis Xavier Seelos, my Patron Saint. I honestly would just like to get wisdom from him

This is a tough one. I feel like my answer would change by the day or even multiple times a day. I guess I would go with my Confirmation saint when I came into the Church, Sir Thomas More.

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Quite a few. I would love to talk to St. Thomas More who was such a good husband and father. I would love to talk to St. Bede the Venerable who is one of my patrons (I am a Benedictine Oblate) and I love history. Bede is the patron of historians. I would also love to talk to St. Zelie Martin. She had a large family and ran the house all the while running a very successful lace making business.

I have recently been exposed To Saint Francis DeSales and find his quotes and commentary simple and to the point. He overcame so much in confronting the Reformation and returned many to the faith.
I’m currently researching the devotion to the Sacred Heart and it’s history, in doing so I came across st Lutgarde of Aywieres Belgium a contemporary of St Francis of Assisi…I had not heard of her before but reading Thomas Merton’s book on her life. Very enlightening

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I’m a fan of DeSales as well

Interesting that so many would like to spend a day with Thomas More. So would I. I’ve watched the film A Man for All Seasons at least three times. He also is patron of the Arlington (Virginia) diocese, where I used to live. Other favorites are Gus Tolton (not yet officially a saint, but I’m confident that he will be), Katharine Drexel, and the one I would especially like to spend a day with, Marianne Cope, because I recently started a script for a documentary film about her.

I’m going with Saint Wilfrid. As a former coach, you’ll have a player or 2 over the years that are the loose cannon type always walking a fine line in their daily life. But on game day you know they will put up 25 plus points.

Wilfrid gives me the impression of the no nonsense renegade type. He was all over the place baptizing by any means necessary :joy: So the 24 hours with him would give me greats stories to tell for the rest of my life. I could probably write a book about my day with him.

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My Patron Saint. I chose him very specifically when I became Catholic a few years ago.

I think I would love to hang out with Padre Pio

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