Pro-Life Experiences

Share what drew you to be involved with the pro-life movement. What have been some hard lessons you want to share through your involvement?

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The first time I ever heard of someone I know personally aborting their child was my sister-in-law’s younger sister a few years ago. When I found out, it was like I had been punched in the stomach and the numbing feeling lasted for a couple weeks. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. She is now battling cancer (I am not saying the two are related). It is all very sad.

Soon after this, I heard a witness given by a lady I have grown to adore. She had chosen to abort her child when she was young. If you know this amazing woman, you would never have guessed in a million years that she would have made such a choice. But what I did not know before hearing her story was that she had lost her Dad in a plane crash when she was younger. He was EMS and they were attempting to rescue someone on an island during a storm. Very heart-breaking.

She later gave birth to two beautiful identical twin daughters and she is very pro-life now. Her testimony has touched the hearts of many. So, if you are someone who has made this choice (which, lets be honest, is an evil act of taking the life of an unborn human being), repent to the Lord, allow His loving grace to pour over you, and share your story if you can. Because, you never know who’s heart can be changed by your story.

I have been at the sidewalk in front of a busy abortion mill 6 days a week for 15 years. Here are a few things I have learned…

God will give you “consolations” when you start some activity he greatly approves. Many abortive mothers stopped and turned around and left immediately without going inside upon seeing me without any action on my part. It only lasted a month or so until God got me going.

At the abortion mill usually only 5% of the women are saved from abortion and many times none at all.

Of the 100,000 abortions I saw only 4 women out of 100,000 who completed their abortion later repented and came to the sidewalk to help us save other mothers and babies.

The abortions are devastating but the “saves” are glorious.

Much more to say so I am writing a book about the “Theology of Abortion”.

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