All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 1 Tim 3:12

Have you ever been persecuted for Christ’s sake? Please tell us about it.

At one job, we sometimes were scheduled to work seven days a week (no extra pay, we were salaried). It was just publications office work, not interacting with the public. I was an editor. One time when a manager scheduled me to work on Easter, I said that Easter is a holy day and I wasn’t coming to work. Another time, I was scheduled to work Christmas through New Year’s Day, inclusive. I said I would work six days a week but not seven. Five years later, the manager was still bringing that up as an example of why I was hard to work with. Another time, a different manager wanted us to work seven days a week and said, “The clients are god.” That surprised me so much that I didn’t know what to say. After that I started praying to the Holy Spirit that if I was going to be blindsided like that, to please prepare me in advance. Were those incidents persecution? I don’t know.

Also, praying by abortion clinics, I often get insulted and cursed at. The Gospel says that in such situations, we are supposed to rejoice. I admit that I don’t rejoice. I’m tired of it, but I expect it, because the presence of people praying there is an accusation against the abortion clinics.

Hi Literalman,

Thanks for the persecution accounts you gave. Protecting the Holy Days is straight up Catholic, no doubt.

Thank God that you have been persecuted at the abortion clinic to save mothers and babies. You are a hero to those babies.

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I find with Wicca that if they find out I’m Catholic I’m the enemy.It is making a comeback in the world.I was speaking to one recently and told her in the book of Enoch that the fallen Angels became the Gods of this world and they taught humans witchcraft.When Jesus came and his gospel was preached it drove them from the world it was one of the reasons for the gospel and spreading it and it did drive them from the world.They are making a comeback enticing people to be their own God and reject Jesus.Which was said would happen in the end times.She was very angry at me I said the Saint Micheal prayer for many night after that hoping she would not curse me with her magic.You have to be careful.
They were not my words but from the book of Enoch which is not part of the bible but verses of his book are quoted in the bible give it some validity.He lived before Noah
I told her she could not serve two masters she wants to be a Christian and a wicca and that set her off.

It doesn’t appear you were persecuted but possibly came close to it.
Thanks for the story.

I used to hang out in Brethren circles and they would mock Catholics often, but now that I’m older and have thicker skin, I now know it wasn’t personal.

Plus, half of the things they would joke about do not apply to me. I’ve never been drunk.

I like this quote about Canada, “Some may believe that a Catholic can be virtually anything but a libertarian—well, I will tell you that if some sort of libertarian spirit does not take root in my country, it might not be too far off that the government says a Canadian can be anything but a Catholic.” — Kennedy Hall