Married: How often do you and your spouse have a date night?

  • Rarely
  • One or Two Times a Month (randomly)
  • Weekly (by design)
  • Other

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I’ve heard that Christian couples make date night a weekly, scheduled thing. My Wife and I will plan something, whether there is a comedian or movie that we would like to go see, or go out to eat. On rare occasions, we will plan a road-trip together.

My Wife is a planner and I am not. I was just wondering how others do date-night.

We do date night a couple of times a month; however, we do everything together anyway. My husband has been home, off work for four weeks and has one more to go before his next project starts so it been date night every day. When he is working on a project, we are more intentional with date night.

We only have a date night once or twice a year. We said we would do it monthly, but it never materialized.