Did you ever use a Catholic Dating Site when you were single?

Did you ever use a Catholic Dating Site when you were single (catholicmatch.com or catholicchemistry.com)?

When I was dating, online dating was viewed as creepy. However, the best man in my Wife and my Wedding met his Wife on one of CatholicMatch. And my Cousin who just got Married met her husband on CatholicChemistry.

So it appears that these sites are a much better alternative for Catholic Christians than the swipe left swipe right apps!

I could not imagine dating in today’s world. My Sister, who is no longer Catholic, has not had much success using dating apps. She is a small-town, conservative vegan (if you can imagine such a thing ; ) She has tried quite a few different dating apps, but how guys (and I’m sure it is true of women also) portray themselves and how they are in real life are often conflicting.

Please Pray she finds a good Christian Husband (however God wants to make this happen : ) Her name is Brittany. When she was a little girl, she wrote that she wanted to get Married in the Catholic Church. Who knows, her future Husband might even be a Catholic Christian and God could make this happen still.

What has been your experience with dating sites/apps (Christian or non)?

I met my husband 20 years ago on Catholic Singles, but subsequently found that a friend of mine from church knew him through work. A nice coincidence and one that cemented the fact that this was a devout man that I was lucky to have found. We have a beautiful life together.


P.S. I don’t believe it is called Catholic Singles any longer. It probably morphed into one of the other Catholic sites you mentioned.

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I’ve never used one.
Private vow. :herb::tulip::latin_cross:

I met my wife on CatholicMatch. We dated for a year and got married on July of last year. Our first son is due in May.

I’ve used many different dating sites and apps in the past but I never put any money towards them (a lot of them require you to pay a subscription to be able to chat with people). I don’t know why but maybe my guardian angel nudged me and I paid the $30 fee for CatholicMatch and quickly met my now wife. Funny thing is it was the same on her side. She just felt an urge to pay for the service almost at the same time I did.

Thank Christ for bringing us together.


Congrats! Did you guys ceremoniously delete the apps from your phone at the same time?

My Wife and I shamefully watch “Married at First Sight” and there are some individuals who quickly go right back to swiping left/right at any sign of turbulence in their Marriage. They almost always get caught, because one of the spouses friends comes across their re-activated profile. I know reality TV is not real life (though we actually know someone who met their husband on this show and they are doing great!)

I can see, like other forms of social media, how online dating can become an addiction or an unhealthy escape for some. What are your thoughts?

I’m too dumb to pay attention to deleting my profile and don’t think I can remember the password haha. I haven’t been on it since our first date though. Recently she submitted our story to them, maybe I’ll check if it got posted.

With today’s sexual revolution and hook-up culture I believe dating sites can be one of the most toxic of Internet addictions. Just having a place where the known goal is some form of “romance” and if one person doesn’t satisfy you there is a scrolling list of others to pick from like a waiting line. Of course places like CatholicMatch have the explicit mission statement of finding your future spouse, there were still some questionable people on there and even women who openly embraced heresy such as sex before marriage. There’s always going to be people with poor intentions.

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Was not even a concept 46 years ago when I married!

Yes, I’ve used CatholicMatch.com, CatholicChemistry.com, and Right Stuff App.

I had some dates through the first two. Needless to say, I did have an unsuccessful long-distance relationship with CM. She was good on paper, yet she presented some red flags that IO knew I had to get out when I could.

Thankfully, I am in a relationship.

Yes, I met my wife through Catholic Match. Our story is on the Catholic Match website at | CatholicMatch.com The writer got most of it right, except the title: we got married so quickly (6 months after meeting), with our pastor’s approval, because of extenuating circumstances, not in spite of them. We will be married three years next month. When I first started using Catholic Match, I didn’t realize that you could set limits on distance, marital status, and so on. We were both widowed, so that wasn’t an obstacle, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t limiting the distance, because my future wife lived in the Philippines. Also, after I let my one-month Catholic Match subscription lapse, women could still see my profile and click like, but I couldn’t respond to say I was seriously involved with someone without reopening my subscription. Otherwise Catholic Match worked well for us.

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I just saw this if anyone is interested: https://www.retvrn.us/

Here is an event that single Catholic Christians might be interested in: https://nationalcatholicsingles.com/

Was on AveMariaSingles for a while. It was strictly a pay site at the time and not cheap. Almost all of the women on there wanted nothing to do with me once they found out I didn’t have much to offer in terms of money. I did end up in a long-distance relationship for a year as a result though. My wife and I met on the secular dating site okcupid.com.