Do you attend a weekly Bible Study?

Every Thursday Night I attend a Men’s Bible Study / Prayer Group. Though I am the youngest one there (and I’m not that young), I have found it to be very fruitful to my Christian walk.

If you do not attend a weekly Bible Study or Small Group, I recommend either joining one or starting one. There are lots of great Catholic Christian resources out there or all you really need is your Bible and a small group of individuals who want to prayerfully grow in their relationship with our Lord.

If you do attend a weekly Bible Study, I would love to hear what you guys are doing.

No, too hard with all the hours I work. If I did it would have to be a Catholic one, it is amazing how many Catholics are in “non-denominational” Bible studies. They do no understand they are being taught by the beliefs of the person leading the Bible study, and I always ask them to bring up something Catholic and see their reaction, if they attack you, then you are not in an all inclusive denominational Bible study. I tell them to be careful because they will try an confuse you with Scripture and the next thing you know you are leaving the Catholic Church for their church.

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As a professional Theologian, I have heard this many times. I sometimes suggest buying an INTERLINEAR Bible, or you can pull up any verse online. This gives the original language and the English translation. If you want to see what the Biblical authors wrote, check this out- you will be surprised.


Be careful- true Bible Study and Biblically-based prayer groups are not interchangeable. The first studies the text, the second looks to the spiritually valuable meaning of the translation. Both are valuable and helpful, but are not to be confused. Blessings.

I think it depends on how grounded you are. My Thursday Night Bible Study is a small group of Catholic Christian Men.

However, I am also doing a Bible Study with my Protestant co-worker and it too is wonderful. I used to attend a Non-Denominational Church and my Parents were Presbyterian when I was growing up, so I have a pretty good understanding of where they are coming from (though not every Protestant holds the same beliefs to another).

My co-worker is not hostile towards my Catholic worldview. I enjoy sharing with her what we believe and learning about what she believes. What is funny is that she has two former Catholic Christian ladies in her Wednesday Night Bible Study at her United Brethren Church and she corrects them often on things that they say Catholics believe or hold that are simply untrue : )

I agree with you that if someone does not know their Faith well, attending a non-Catholic Bible Study might not be the best thing for them to do. But, I have found that it is a great way to share our faith with other Christians who might not otherwise have ever heard what we truly believe. Former Catholic Christians tend to be some of the least knowledgeable about the Catholic Faith and yet, this is where many of our Protestant friends learn about Catholics.

all very good insight.prayers for all…

We are doing the great adventure Bible study.
Love it.

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My Wife and I did this one a few years back. It was great! : )