I'm a Christian Clairvoyant

I’ve seen spirits since childhood. I have can feel strong emotion from people as well as spirits. I have also seen Angeles and Demons. Years ago, I had a Monsignor who was my spiritual director. But each parish priest has a differing opinion of my gift. I have seen that exorcist do recruit Christian paranormal investigators to train as lead investigators. I feel like the church is losing spiritually gifted parishioners to new-age religions because they aren’t supported by the church.


Forgive me, but I am skeptical of your gift, but it is nothing personal. It is simply something that I do not understand.

I do believe in private and public revelation. I would consider what you perceive as a gift as a private revelation. I would view what you experience as a curse (which is probably why I was not gifted such revelation).

Again, please do not take what I have said here as an attack towards you personally. Others might have a different opinion on this matter. I appreciate you being here in the forums and welcome you.

Feel free to explore some of the many topics we have conversated about and let us all grow in faith, hope, and love.

I appreciate your comment. I have been struggling all my life to understand why? I believe your right about some of it as private revelation. My first experience was a an 8yr old child, a woman I adored was having her firs baby and lost her life shortly after his birth. I wanted desperately to view her body and say goodbye. She appeared and told me not to and to remember her as I saw her before me. She was very strong in her faith, and it was a great comfort to me.
I don’t blame you for being skeptical, I feel like even our clergy don’t give us consistent support or guidance. I will continue searching for an answer and praying for guidance.
God Bless you

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Its due to ways taught by other higher ups to teach in certain ways…
Jesus was a gifted soul .he was misunderstood by certain peoples. They tricked him the courts did not care of the person they cared not to revise the laws …
Things need to change to move forward of there will be loss. Of membership of funds of so much more…so change is ok the weather changes the seasons changes as well so the lord of life says its ok for changes. Solets change…

Jesus was not a gifted soul, he is God. I believe my gift is from the Holy Spirit, to be used for the glory of God. I have since found out that our church does offer, guidance, training, and support for the spiritually gifted. I wish the church has an official stance on the gifted and an easier way to help stop the corruption of our gifted Christians.

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All unusual phenomenon should be evaluated carefully. While some Catholic Saints did see Angels and demons, those things always served a specific person or purpose determined by God. Are the Sacraments and teachings of the church central to you life? Does Jesus come first or these things? Are you upset when others question these things in you? Do you know better than others very experienced in the Faith? For what specific purpose do you think that these things are occurring in your life? God’s actions are not purposeless. Have you had a psychological assessment to make sure that there is not some chemical imbalance causing them? Many parish priests are not experienced in handling these things. Finally, in order to help to make sure these things are from God, I recommend CatholicExorcism.org and its many resources.
Jesus and Mary and Saint Joseph, your guardian angel an Saint Michael watch over you.

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Thank you for the new resource, I really appreciate it. Let’s answer each question that you have asked.
Yes, the Sacraments and teaching of the church are central to my life, as a practicing Catholic in good standing in my parish. I have a strong prayer life, and devotion to our lady, and pray for the soul’s purgatory daily.
Jesus is always first in my life, my gifts are from the Holy Spirit and have been used to keep my family and friends safe from the evil one. Seeing spirits who are suffering on earth has allowed me to send them to the light and pray for them. St. Padre Pio, St. Faustina, and many more have seen spirits and prayed for them. According to Fr. Alar, at www.divineMercyplus.org, spirits come from purgatory, heaven, or hell if God allows.
I am not upset when questioned about my gifts, but I do feel the church is not consistent in how they give spiritual guidance to the gifted, It makes it difficult to get further training to use this for the church’s benefit.
No, I don’t know more than the priests. However different parishes have given me different answers. I am a military wife who has lived all over the US and overseas. I have met several who ask similar questions to yours, and several who want me to use this for the church, many don’t know of the training, support, and guidance available through the groups that the church has for people with my gifts.
On 8/24/23 I called Catholic Answers and spoke to Jimmy Akin, a catholic apologist, and asked why there was support for the gifted. To my surprise he said there was but it’s not available in all areas, he told me to find a spiritual adviser or he could help me. So now I am training to be a healer and to do deliverance and home blessing through my dioceses. Yes God has a plan, and there is always a purpose, sometimes it isn’t revealed until you’re 65 like me. All in God’s time.
No, I am not mentally ill, and no chemical imbalance.
Angels and demons are around us, it’s amazing to me that a Christian would believe that someone who can see them is mentally ill. It’s a shame that we have lost the ability to see all the beauty of God’s spiritual realm.
I hope you will research the facts I have given you, and soften your heart to the world around us. God made it all.
Your’s Prayerfully

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Some people who see Angels and Demons are mentally ill and the visions stop when they are given medication. The reason I advise caution is because several in my family have been involved in the occult, demons often produce counterfeit visions. I love everyone. I know that I am very much a sinner in need of Jesus and the church. I hope that the direction course you are taking (1) Provides back up referrals for those you may encounter who have are seriously depressed. suicidal, victims of abuse of any kind, or schizophrenic. (2) Watch out for things like the Ennangam Which is based on non Christian Eastern spirituality and cannot be integrated into the Catholic faith. Dream interpretation, and several other things which the Catechism and Church tell not to do. (3) MOST IMPORTANT DOES THIS PROGRAM HAVE THE FORMAL APPROVAL OF YOUR BISHOP? THE PRIEST WHO RAN A PROGRAM I ONCE TOOK SAID THAT HE HAD APPROVAL FROM OUR BISHOP BUT HE LIED. WHEN THE BISHOP SAW THE MATERIALS USED, THE BISHOP ASKED THE PRIEST TO MAKE CHANGES MORE IN LINE WITH CATHOLIC TEACHING. WHEN THE CHANGES WERE NOT MADE. THE BISHOP CLOSED THE PROGRAM. I left the program before the Bishop closed it because of the lack of backup for the mentally ill. I knew it was vital to any director of souls.

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I am sorry to have caused you to be upset, this was not my intention. Let me try to explain that one of the Angels I saw literally saved my life and that of my unborn child. I have seen angels in church praising God. The demons I have seen are trying to send me into despair, some I have seen when they were trying to lead family members astray. Seeing angels and demons is not uncommon, it is just not talked about in Christian circles, I find this very sad. Angels are mentioned throughout the bible and people seem to be excited to tell their accounts to others as proof of God’s love.I’m not perfect either, we are all sinners. I too have family that have fallen to the occult, and it’s hard to help them find their way back, but prayer is powerful and all things are possible through God.
The person who is helping to guide me has a diocese-approved ministry that does house blessings, she also does deliverance and healing prayer, yes there is follow-through for all people seen.
The training I am going to take is through https://christianhealingministries they are fantastic and I would love for you to research them.
I am scheduling a phone meeting with my Bishop for the month of November and talking to him about many things. So I will be sure that this is one of them.
I have written a book that I hope will be on the shelves by Christmas. I want to take the fear away from being gifted, Whenever a Christian hears me say I see spirits they assume I am a physic or a medium. That is not true, I don’t call spirits or try to get information from them. Many are lost and can’t find their way and some spirits are afraid they are not worthy to go to the light. God does not force us but waits with open arms for us to choose him.

I hope you will read my book to see that my experiences are not evil but just the way that God made me. My goal is to ensure our gifted Christians are not led astray by new-age philosophies who offer support and guidance that are sometimes lacking in our parishes. My hope is that our priests are given these tools to allow our gifted to serve God and his holy church, instead of being perverted by the new age and the occult. You can research by reading St. Faustina’s diary to learn more about seeing human spirits.

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I see people like this as the pure in heart they will see the face of God.Its why they see what we cannot see.Some do not use it the right way.I do not know why God allows few to see and most of us not to see.Maybe its for us to know Angels and demons do exist and a warning to us of the evil spirit upon the earth.

Thank you for your kindness, I do love being able to see Angels. They are beautiful and shine with God’s love, I wish I could share my gift f with you. I believe that seeing the demons is a huge wake-up call for most. I believe they cause a lot of the depression that we see running rampant in our world. Because they suck the joy out of you when they are present, so you feel despair, hopelessness, and great anger. They can’t stay if you pray which is why a healthy prayer life is so important. I hope you will read my book when it is released at the end of the year. I share many of my experiences in it.

I can believe that. Nice to meet you. I hear voices as well.

I have a strong recommendation that you begin a devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. I am not clairvoyant as you are, but I do believe I have a gift also that isn’t entirely different. I think because my profile here is too easily tied to my true identity that I will not divulge any more than that about it, but I believe you and I think of myself as in your boat. I think that anyone with a “gift” (which is really more of a cross if you use it right) has an inherent calling to do more prayer and meditation than ordinary Catholics. You probably are better off not thinking of it as a gift, as this thinking comes with temptations to use it for yourself, but I would guess that if you were weak to such temptations that God wouldn’t have given you the “gift” to begin with.
I also recommend the Auxilium Christianorum daily prayers, along with which you should have a resolution to avoid even venial sin, so take your time with this one and don’t dive in until you are ready for that resolution. Of course you will still sin venially, but you should have the resolution and be ready to say the act of contrition many times per day.

One more thing, you say that you see angels, and you may, but I have to warn you now that you may be seeing demons that to you appear to be angels. I cannot speak to that except to warn you of the possibility. This is partly why I recommend a devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, as she will help you to know what is going on with you. You do not need to think of this as a bad sign for you, demons are fallen angels and so if you cannot tell them apart that is not a bad sign for you, it is just a sign that you don’t understand it all yet. I still mistake angels for demons and vice versa. It does seem that as I get better at recognizing things, I more often mistake angels for demons than the other way. Angels sometimes do things that seem pretty horrible but actually are very much for good, and then also it is a simple matter for an angel to impersonate a demon, but for a demon to impersonate an angel is prone to error.

I thank you for the prayer recommendation, I will look into it. I should tell you that I have recently found support with the diocese, I will be training in April to be part of the new house blessing team. I have found that the church does use spiritually gifted people. I have to say that I have empathic ability so I can tell if the apparition is an Angel or a demon. I would appreciate your prayers, and thank you for the recommendations again. I hope you will read my book and give me your opinion. I would love to talk privately to you about your gift. The book is titled "Am I Cursed or Gifted?
Thanks again

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