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I have a question is it against the Catholic Church if some Catholics are to receive Yoga and Reiki? The Bible doesn’t talk about it so I wonder about it.

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It is forbidden for Catholics to delve into New Age practices, such as yoga and Reiki. According to Vatican directive, “Jesus Christ, Bearer of the Water of Life.” In my work with deliverance from evil spirits, I have seen that such involvement opens one up to demonic entities.

I do have some friends who are Catholic who have received Reiki as personal choice is what I am questioning about.

Then they have unwittingly opened themselves to demonic influence. Satan doesn’t care if one enters his realm by accident. This is serious business. Avoid all forms of the New Age and occult—yoga, Reiki, ouija boards, psychics, tarot cards, crystals, etc—or it will go badly for you.

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According Jimmy Akin an Apologist the Catholic church’s official stance is that as long as you’re just stretching and not meditating it’s okay. However, I agree with you that it is dangerous. Why would you want to emulate a pose that was created for specific Gods, I can’t imagine that God is not seeing it as worshiping other Gods. And most of us tend to daydream when hold a pose, my fear is that you may invited something in.


I would say to your friends that healing can be done in the name of Jesus. There is no need to have Reiki which is a very old practice done by one of the oldest religion in India. The new age practices are really the ancient pagan practices with a make over. Steer Clear.

I did yoga for a long time in my youth. I never got into the woo-woo stuff that surrounded it, I just did the stretches. I found that I liked teachers who were no-nonsense and just did the stretches, but when they dimmed the lights and played new age chants, I quit.
Now that I’m in my 70’s I just do some light stretching myself with resistance bands.

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