Hello. I'm here to talk about God

God has been drawing me back to him. He saved my life and I’m supposed to build my faith now. I prayed he would help me do it. So many miracles have happened in the last 2 years that I can’t ignore that I’m being rescued and there’s no way that this amount of intervention was a coincidence. I KNOW he’s helping me and that’s a beautiful feeling.

I have a lot of bad things going on in my life right now but I’m full of excitement about my revelations these days and I wanted to talk to other Christians. I use forums so this is a good format for me. Hopefully this place is nice and reasonable.

Welcome. The people here are pretty laid back so feel free to jump right in.

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Thank you! I can’t find a bible study group in person even though I live in a predominantly Catholic place but there’s always the internet

Welcome @Not3CatsInTrenchcoat !

It’s wonderful that you recognize that God is calling you to friendship with him. The mercy of Jesus is amazing!

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I’ve done some really terrible things and I’m so so sorry about it all and some of my sins bother me every day. I know Jesus has forgiven me but it’s hard to forgive myself. But the fact that he didn’t just let me leave him forever and die horribly is incredible.

I wanted to kill myself for a while but now I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to stick around to fulfill Jesus’ will for my life. Plus it’s a sin to destroy his creation and that matters to me.

As soon as I let God in, things got SO much better, spiritually and emotionally but even materially. He knew I had doubts and for whatever reason he decided to give me the gift of irrefutable evidence that he’s there. I’m so so lucky.

When I am weighed down by the memory of my past sins, I look at a crucifix and meditate on the great mystery of the Sacrifice of Christ.

If I’m willing to confess that Jesus is really the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, then how can I doubt that he has taken away my sins?

If the Hebrews could look at a bronze serpent and be delivered from venomous serpents, then I can look to the Son of Man and be saved (John 3:14-15).

Jesus, who died for you, really frees you from your sins when you confess them and receive absolution.

Don’t look at your sins, but look to the crucified Christ.

Please know of my prayers for you.

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Thank you so much Father. I really appreciate your prayers and your advice. I was actually going to pick up a crucifix soon to put in my room because I thought it would be comforting. I am Canadian too btw! I’m on the East Coast in a remote place but I have to stay anonymous because it’s the internet