How do you respond to criticism or misconceptions about the Catholic faith?

How do you respond to criticism or misconceptions about the Catholic faith?

When people approach me and debunk our Marian doctrines ( Dogmas ), I try to explain some things…I tell them if I can’t answer certain questions, I have a multitude of areas within my Church, Vatican Docs, excellent apologists, and other areas such as the CCC etc…However some will not come back…Sometimes I will phone them if I feel that they are interested and invite them for coffee ( orthe like ) . Some are trying very hard to accept my answers… which I research to make sure…Some don’t approach me anymore… WE must pray for them…


We must each work out our own salvation…

Try to listen to their comment and respond with scripture if the Bible is their sole source of authority or if I g do not know tell them I will get back to them. Or I may go on the offense and have them answer questions that when answered with show what is not correct in their position. I try not to debate.

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I first like to say something along the lines of, “If I want to know what a Baptist believes, I ask a practicing Baptist; if I want to know what a Methodist believes, I ask a practicing Methodist; and if I want to know what a Lutheran believes, I ask a practicing Lutheran. Often non-Catholic Christians will hear from an anti-Catholic or a former Catholic Christian what Catholic Christians believe and more times than not, these individuals have their own ideas about what we believe that is not what we actually believe.”

I like to share my faith with others and I enjoy learning about what others believe and why. The key is to be charitable and not defensive.

I like to share what the early Church fathers taught, alongside with Sacred Scripture. The further you get from the ancient Church, the less one believes as those closest to Jesus and the apostles believed and taught. Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Christians share a lot in common, as do Lutherans and some other Christian Denominations.

It is very trendy right now to plant “seeker-friendly” Churches. These communities do a great job of reaching out to the unchurched or those who maybe attend a Catholic or mainstream Protestant Church, but lack a real relationship with Christ. I met many wonderful people while attending one of these trendy non-Denoms while in College. As my faith began to mature however, I found the message to be fluffy. Through a series of events and encounters, I felt God calling me back to a deeper faith—the Catholic Faith of my youth. My relationship with Jesus has only grown more and I am grateful for everyone God has put in my life at every step of my walk with Him.

I would conclude that we all are at a different place in our relationship with God and understanding of matters of morality and faith. We need to be mindful of this and sometimes it is better to be a friend than it is to win an argument.

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On FB or YouTube, I have asked multiple times, (Even in some old Catholic forums) to give answer the following questions:

  1. What did people use before we had a bible compiled.
  2. When was the bible put together and by whom?
  3. When that happened, how was the bible distributed and how many people were literate.
  4. Where are the words (Sola Scripture) in scripture, or the words, Trinity, Incarnation, and saved by faith alone, or the one saved always saved sinners prayer
  5. Name the founders of their church in the year 100, 200, 300, or even 1000 AD

I have been dealing with anti-Catholics on the internet for decades and have not had a reply. They start throwing out things like Purgatory, Mary, Idol worshiping, infant baptism, the Pope, call no man father, etc. etc. ad naseum. But then I tell them that I will not respond to them unless they answer ALL of these question, I will not respond to them. Oh I have responses to all of the above, but if they prefer to remain in their ignorance, that is no fault of mine.
God Bless