How did you hear about this forum?

I found out about this forum through the “Catholic365” newsletter that I subscribe to. How did you find out about it?

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There was an advertisement for it on
I was looking for a break from Catholic social media groups that are often either very stale or exists just to cause tension online. I like forums but never saw a good Catholic one, so I thought why not?
I’m satisfied so far.

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I saw an ad on catholic encyclopedia.


I read about it on Catholic 365 email. Hoping to get into some apologetics discussions to share and learn more about our Catholic Faith.

banner/link at Crisis Magazine website

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I was doi g dome research and was dropped in signed up and low and behold another place to share my ferlings in matters the the chur h of many churches need to take in to concideration.
My own family leads back to many great leaders in Royal lines and of lowly lines too. Jesus and Zenus are in those lines .

Change is a very much needed thing in todays world .

I found it on the My Catholic Life app

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Welcome to the forum : )

A pop-up on Quora. I had looked up a question related to Catholicism, and I thought the link was providential, since this is an actual Catholic forum.

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