Hi everyone, I just joined today and look forward to chatting with everyone

Hi, everyone, I just joined today and just wanted to say hi.
Let’s continue to pray for one another, and be supportive of one another in their journey of faith and good works.


Welcome, Welcome! Could you give us some info about yourself. Catholic for how long? Your favorite cause to support? Opinion of PF? etc.


Welcome! Glad to have you here.

Hi Chrisg93.
I was baptized, educated in elementary and Highschool as a Catholic and have become more focused on my Faith during the Pandemic…My favorite cause is Prolife for both Mommy and Baby, like begins at the moment of conception. Help coach, educate and support troubled moms to choose life and then adoption, if uncertain about what to do regarding the care of their innocent baby…

Thank you for reaching out to me and have a Blessed Day…


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Welcome peacefulplanet! I love your explanation of the pro life issue. :heart:

Welcome to the community : )

Hi Maggie.
Thank you so much for reaching out to me and saying hello :wave:.
Have a Blessed Day Friend :pray::sunny::+1:.


Welcome! Glad to see more people are finding this resource.

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