How has your faith in God sustained you through difficult times in your life?

How has your faith in God sustained you through difficult times in your life?

Recently with a very difficult family member illness the prayers of folks and charitable acts , and strong belief in the gospel is holding me up.

I could not count all the times my faith kept me going. I sincerely don’t know how atheists get through the day. One instance recently has involved a hostile family member. After much prayer this person has warmed up. It was a long wait and believing that Jesus and the saints were beside me were a comfort


It has helped me see that I can learn from the church, I have been through several things to understand what I wasn’t taught as a child. I wasn’t brought into a catholic school due to my learning disability. I now buy many materials that have workbooks and video to get plenty of knowledge.

This is a great question! For me, it has allowed me to except things that are out of my control (namely the loss of my Dad when I was in my twenties and the loss of my Wife’s and my baby boy late in the pregnancy). There is peace and joy in the Lord.

God brings rightful order to a world lost in despair or chaos. Jesus’ suffering gives our suffering meaning. We can unite our suffering with His.

There is freedom in the Cross. God is real and He loves you.

That is a beautiful testimony to your faith and God’s help. Thank you.

About 9 years ago, our pastor in Virginia said during a sermon, “Some of you out there are teetering on the edge of despair.” I was. I was miserable. I won’t go into the details because it would require mentioning other people. Our pastor continued, “God is working on your problem and will resolve it in a way you could not imagine.” It was true! A bleak and apparently hopeless situation was resolved in a way I never expected.


I have a spinal cord injury and am now near a total quadaplegic. I couldn’t handle it without my faith.