Have you ever heard God's voice?

Has God ever spoken to your heart or have you ever audibly heard His voice? (It is okay if you have not. I have never heard God’s voice, but He has guided me by way of experiences, reading of Scripture, and the inspiration of others).

I don’t think I’ve ever fully heard the true voice of God. I’ve definitely felt his presence. I can confidently say though that I hear the voices of myself, my guardian angel, and the devil/demons/whatever.

The teaching of there being 4 voices in your head (you, God, your guardian angel, and the devil) is very interesting to me and I pick apart my thoughts and desires throughout the day to try and find their origin. I might just sound crazy to some people.

I have found myself in many many situations where I need to make a decision and I know for sure my guardian angel has steered me into doing what’s right.

All I know is that God hears me, and that’s what matters.

Of course, the Lord Himself promised “my sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me.”(Jn 10, 27-28)

Every Christian ought to still himself to hear his voice within his heart. Try to listen to Him after Communion. Frequently, He speaks to me then.

One time, I heard His voice audibly commanding me to go the chapel, which I finally did—only to discover a fellow seminarian distraught over the death of his aunt.


Yes. I was thinking about returning to the Church of my childhood for a couple days. One Saturday morning I woke suddenly hearing “call a priest!”
I did. Went to see him in an hour, I made Confession and that evening returned to Mass.
I will never forget waking that morning!


Praise God! He truly is the “Hound of Heaven” Who never forgets even one of His precious children. He loves you so much!


Most days, after mass!

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