Do you ever have dreams that you are at Mass?

I tend to be a very vivid dreamer. I’m usually on some adventure. I love when I have dreams that I am at Mass.

Have you ever dreamt that you are at Mass?

never dreamed that.i like it when in the dream,i begin to pray.Wish i could do it more often…

Who are you?! You posted a challenge about Davids v. Goliath
-or- Goliaths v. David… which?

Here you are dreaming about being present at mass. Tell me, do you receive communion in your dream?

This will be another one rendering me both speechless and in awe.


My name is Joshua and I have an over-active mind :joy:

Have I ever received the Blessed Sacrament in my dreams, I don’t believe so, but I can check my dream journal :wink:

I find a lot of things in life amusing. I don’t drink coffee. Laughter is my drug of choice.

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Pleased that you chose to respond. Thank you. I do wanna say if you received the Holy Eucharist in any of your dreams, you would remember that for the rest of your life. Food for the Soul.

Keep on keeping on. You will attract many to Catholic talk.:+1:


Yes, odd thing is that every time I do it’s always in my former parish and not the current one I attend. Dreams are wierd.


I had a dream last night that there was an Eastern Orthodox Church and a Catholic Churcher connected (as in, our pews and alters were side-by-side). The Catholic side’s Liturgies began to get sloppy and I began thinking to myself, We are the “white-trash” of these two ancient Christian Churches.

So I began sitting on the Orthodox side, only this Day the Catholic Priest was filling in for the Orthodox Priest (I know this would never happen in real life). When it came time for Holy Communion, he was switching back and forth between leavened and unleavened hosts, depending if the receiver was Orthodox or Catholic. It got very confusing. I was the last to receive (Matthew 20:16 ; ). Fr. Jonathan was so overwhelmed that he ended up giving me the remainder of the Eucharistic hosts. I didn’t know what to do, so I woke up.

Even though the dream was kind of a nightmare, I woke up feeling blessed that I got to spend time with Jesus while I was asleep (kind of ; )

Last night I had a dream that I went to Reconciliation. My conscience must be telling me that I should probably go.

Last night I dreamed I was at Mass, and the priest was giving Communion in front of the tabernacle, which was at the top of about 10 yellowish-white steps, which reflected the light with such a glare that I was stepping carefully but could not easily see where I was going. By the time I got to the top I was nowhere near tabernacle. I also dreamed that I was meeting with Mother Teresa. I have strange dreams all the time! :grinning:

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Another dream that I was at Mass. This time I was a substitute usher at a parish that was not my own (I really used to be an usher). The head usher in this other church knew who I was, and I was familiar with the church. I stopped a woman who seemed to be going to Communion early, but she turned out to be a Eucharistic Minister.

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Never, but about 14 years ago, I was in RCIA preparing for my first confession. I dreamed I was in line for confession, but in the dream, I was wondering, “How do I confess being a vampire? Someone bit me. I did not sin to become undead. Is there anything the priest can do?” I woke up laughing- so ridiculous!

Sounds like a great question for Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World or Weird Questions for Jimmy : )

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Never dreamt of anything like that before.