Your neighborhood and town

I live in a small rural town. Mostly secular people live here, and Protestants. There are a few Catholics but reclusive.
I just wonder if anyone here has this experience and if so how do you cope with living in mostly a Godless world. Pax.

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Is your church a good support for you? Can you find some prayer groups at other churches? We live in very suburban NJ Surrounded by secularism. We search all over for study and prayer groups.

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Reminds me of the book Tobit’s Dog, where the family lives in rural (I think) Georgia and have to go to a Baptist Church because it’s the only place of worship around.

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Blessed to live one block from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico on Galveston Island. After the destruction of Hurricane Ike in 2008, all 6 Catholic Churches on the Island became one parish. What a challenge that is for our pastor and his two associates! I’ve been here 5 years and have been disappointed with the lack of adult spiritual growth opportunities. I placed a proposal in the pastor’s hands over a month ago—praying he allows us to launch a spiritual life ministry(which would include classes on Church History, the Catechism, the spiritualities of the Saints, Marian apparitions, healing ministry , etc)in the parish.

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I found another parish , it is 35 mi away, so 70mi round trip. We’ve had a hard winter, haven’t been able to travel. But hopeful! Spring is on its way! Blessed Holy Week to all

I personally would not go to another denomination. Well the Catholic Church is not a “denomination”. It is the One Holy Apostolic Church instituted by Jesus Christ. There is none other

Oh, it’s a book! Lol.

We live in a small town as well. I have found a couple of resources online that help. I like My Catholic Life, they have audio and video of praying the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, daily scripture and Novenas. The other website I like is Our Sunday Visitor, again they send daily emails with inspirational messages and Sunday video for reflection. I-Bible is also great for daily spiritual motivation. Hope this helps.


There are 2 Bible study groups at my parish, but they meet during the times that I am at work, there are no prayer groups that I am aware of.

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How about an online bible study? Virtually meets.