Catholic Churches and Things to do in D.C.?

This weekend, I will be attending the National Libertarian Convention in Washington D.C. (May 23-26, 2024).

We will be nominating our Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates, elect LNC Officers, vote on bylaw changes, and updates to our Platform.

I am a member of the Libertarian Party Christian Caucus and the Pro-Life Libertarian Caucus. We will be meeting up before each day of the Convention to Pray together.

And then a group of us Catholic Christians plan to attend Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle some time.

I don’t know how much free-time we will have. We will be having our Presidential Debate, where four of our front-runners will be seeking the Delegate’s nomination. In addition to this, RFK Jr. and former President Donald John Trump will be pandering (I mean speaking) to the Libertarian body. Plus, Vivek has agreed to debate one of our VP Candidates (probably Clint Russell or Larry Sharpe). And whatever other surprises the LNC has in store. It seems like every day there is some kind of new announcement.

If there are any Catholic Christians here in this forum from D.C. who would like to join us for Mass or would like to meet up for Supper, hit me up.

Please, say a Prayer that everyone attending has safe travels to, during, and from D.C. and that everyone behaves : )

St. Christopher pray for Cade’s safe travels!

I’ve been to DC a couple times for medical conferences. If you do have the time, I recommend you visit the war memorials. For some reason the Korean war memorial moved me. The statues standing in the tall grass were quite surreal.

Sadly I cannot comment on parishes or holy sites, but the Mass Times and Catholic Mass apps will give you a good idea of what’s around.

Fun fact: there are no skyscrapers in DC because the Height of Buildings Act of 1910 limited all buildings not be over 13 stories high.

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If you guys can actually nominate someone that will promise to continue appointing pro-life judges and believes in borders, I would consider voting Libertarian this year.

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We’re going to try. Usually what happens though is that everyone’s second or third choice is nominated. The more polarizing candidates end up not getting nominated. We’ll see what happens : )

The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on the campus of Catholic University is beautiful.

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I had so much fun at the Libertarian National Convention! I got to meet IRL some individuals I’ve only known online.

Every morning, the Libertarian Party Christian Caucus and Pro-Life Caucus would get together an Pray before business opened.

About a dozen Catholic Christians walked to the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle.

Unfortunately the most Pro-Life candidate (former Catholic, now Eastern Orthodox) running for the Libertarian Presidential nomination was knocked out in the third round of voting and the second most Pro-Life candidate (former Catholic, now Anglican) was knocked out in the sixth round. So it was between the candidate who has advocated for the killing of the unborn vs. NOTA in the seventh round. Had None of the Above won, the Libertarian Party would not have a candidate and lost ballot access, which would have been very bad for the Party. So many chose not to vote for NOTA out of fear and other abstained (which I was unaware was an option, otherwise I too would have abstained). The candidate for the Libertarian Party in the 2024 Election is Chase Oliver and I cannot support him in good conscience.

I got to see RFK Jr. get booed & cheered. I got to see former President Trump get booed & cheered. And I got to see Clint Russell debate Vivek Ramaswamy (who was also booed & cheered). If you would like to know my honest thoughts on each of these events, you are welcome to direct message me, however I would rather not offend anyone here publicly who may support any of these candidates.

I got to meet so many awesome Christian Libertarians and I am looking forward to the next National Convention in Grand Rapids, MI (Memorial Day Weekend in 2026).