Asking for prayers for my wife and I

My wife has just been induced due to pre-eclampsia. This is our first child and please pray for us for a healthy baby boy!


Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit…

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Praying for her healing and a successful birth of your son!

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Have been a lifelong Catholic since birth. I divorced my ex-wife after 31 years of marriage due to her addiction issues leading to our bankruptcy and other major relationship problems (physical, emotional, sexual, etc.)

I remarried about 4 years ago to a woman who is now interested in becoming Catholic as she is not currently. I do not take communion as i am remarried outside the church without an annulment. I am considering requesting an annulment of my first marriage. Have heard horror stories of the process and outcomes…
Can anymore give some insight here.

Thank you and God Bless.

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