Has Your Local Parish Experienced Scandal?

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It came out that one of our former Priests was buying drugs for two former students (who were in their twenties) in exchange for sexual favors.

We also had a member of our Parish confronted by a young man who said he malleated his brother and him when they were young. Apparently he was a friend of their mothers.

We had an excellent young Priest who announced that he was leaving the Priesthood (this was after the Covid lockdowns). In his very vague farewell letter, he said all the reason why he wasn’t leaving, but never told us why he was leaving. We were told it was “not because of any type of scandal,” but I still felt very hurt by his abandoning us. At the time, a friend of ours had been unfaithful in his Marriage, was loosing his faith, and pretty much had chosen to walk out on his Wife and their 5 Children. This is how our Priest walking out on us felt to me. It was a punch in the stomach. The fact that we were never given a real reason also hurts.

I do not tell you these things to gossip, but rather to ask you to Pray for our Church. Jesus wants to heal and loves individuals whom have been wrongly abused or scandalized. Also, we need to ask ourselves, How am I contributing to the sins of the church? God wants to bring about conversion in our hearts and reconcile us to God.

Though I desire for these evil men to be held accountable for their actions, we should also Pray for these sinners as well, which in turn brings forth healing, though very difficult to do.

Know that if you have been hurt by the church, that you are not alone and that I often Pray that our Heavenly Father gives you a big spiritual hug and that you know how much He loves you. Please also Pray for me. Pray for our Priests. Pray for our Church Family as well as for the domestic church.

Lord, help us to avoid scandal and love those who have been hurt by individuals who claim to be Your disciples. Bring forth healing, forgiveness, temperance, and peace as we Pray, Come Holy Spirit. Amen ♱