Any (former) Mormons in the house?

I have a good friend who has recently started going back to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (as it is preferably branded).

I am happy for her. She had been talking about going back to Church over two years ago. I know it is not the Catholic Church and that many non-LDS do not view Mormons as being Christians. I also know many non-Catholics who argue that we are not Christians either.

The Catholic Church does not recognize Mormon Baptisms as being valid (because of our differences in the understanding of the Holy Trinity). I do however view Mormons as small “C” christians. I also believe that many Mormons are more christian than many who profess to be big “C” Christian are.

There are things that Mormons and Protestants share in common. There are things that Catholics and Mormons share in common, even though we are not in communion with one another. I just noticed that the word common is in the word communion : )

I am not here to trash on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am here to address something that I have witnessed on Catholic Twitter (don’t judge ; )

A traditional Catholic, whom is either liked or hated depending who you mention his name around, asked the fallowing questions:

Is Mormonism a “Protestant” denomination? Why or why not, and by what criteria?

I believe Dr. Taylor Marshall already has his own opinions and likes to stir the pot. I am a bit of an instigator myself, so I am not offended by asking questions. However, I am offended by some of the responses.

Catholic Christians (the true O.C.'s) hate it when non-Catholics misrepresent what we actually believe. Often this is done out of ignorance, or disingenuousness, or hatred. I am more inclined to believe that it is of ignorance.

Why do so many Catholics not give others the similar respect that we desire from individuals who are not Catholic. If I want to know what a Baptist believes, I ask a Baptist. I don’t go ask a Methodist what Baptists believe. Likewise, I would not ask a Baptist what a Muslim believes. If you want to know what Mormons believe, you should go ask a Mormon living it.

There is no one more ignorant about what Catholics believe than former Catholics. And yet, this is where Protestants often get their misconceptions about what Catholics believe.

If you are a former/current member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, welcome. If you have any questions about what Catholic Christians believe, feel free to ask here on this forum or private message me. I love learning about what others believe and why they believe it and sharing what I believe and why I believe it.

And if you are Mormon and would like to answer Dr. Marshall’s question, I am interested in your response. If you are not LDS, I am less interested in your response ; )

All I will say is that it is not the same God the father. In the LDS God the father has his own body and he became God he was not always God.He is not the creator of all or is he not the alpha and the omega.Satan is also his son along with Jesus and many other unnamed sons.Jesus mother is a unknown/unnamed female God that God the Father had a physical relationship with not Mary.Their trinity makes up 3 Gods all with their own bodies The Father , Jesus and the Holy spirit.You tell me is it Christianity?Knowing this would you join the LDS and scrap your beliefs and take on theirs.Who is in error?You would have to come to these beliefs in order to be a LDS you would have to give up everything you believe as a Christian.They claim we are all in error and Joseph Smith brought salvation with the Book of Mormon.They teach that all can become a God.I highly doubt a LDS member will come here other than to tell us we are in error.Very simply God the Father is not the Father we believe in.


No. Nor did I say anyone should. What I am talking about here is respecting what others believe and why they believe it. I am not saying that what they believe is true. I am saying that as Catholic Christians we should at least oppose what they actually believe and not what one misrepresents them to believe. How many times has a Protestant said, “Catholics believe…” or Catholics believe that and it is not what we believe.

I ask that if you are making claims about what someone else believes that you reference them. Each one of your claims should have a link to a creditable LDS website, clarifying stated belief.

I disagree that a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would not come here and have a respectful dialogue about what they believe and why they believe it. I know this, because I am one of those Catholic Christians who does go to non-Catholic forums and correct individuals who have misconceptions about what Catholics believe and why I believe it. If anyone is going to disagree with what I believe, I want them to disagree with what I actually believe and not what they have been told we believe.

I’m not saying that you are wrong about the things you have said above, but if someone corrected you on anything that you have presented here, would you admit that maybe you were unfair or perhaps presented something uncharitably? Or would you fold your arms and say that they do indeed believe in whatever it is you have said? If there was a Mormon here who was willing to answer questions and you were here telling me what this individual believes, I would take their word over yours. Not that I would accept what they are telling me is true, but that they believe whatever it is to be true over what you say they believe. Does this make sense?

Lets just stick with God the father has a body and thats enough.I am wrong about the holy Ghost but their doctrine is constantly evolving through revelation from the Prophet of the Church who is head of the Church. They won’t reveal it in full either until they are sure you are following.They shouldn’t need to do this.

The book of Mormon claims that Native Americas were cursed with their skin colour and when the come back the will become white again - the book of Mormon is evolving to so it may not say that now I have a old copy. Black people were not allowed to be LDS Member until the Prophet had a revelation and then they were allowed as things evolve .

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That is what sets us apart from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Catholics believe that public revelation ended with the Apostolic age. We do believe in private revelation. Mormons believe that public prophesy was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith (or at least this is my understanding). According to their website, there have been 17 prophets since this time.

Fun Fact: Brigham Young University is named after the second President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It’s rather hard for me to talk about the Mormon church. My former husband joined it and would often hector me about it. He said he had had my late parents baptized into the Mormon faith in the afterlife and I have a suspicion that he had me sealed to him in a ceremony after he died so we’d be together in the afterlife. He was very cruel during our marriage and joining the Mormons didn’t really change him.

I’m sorry to hear this. Every Church is full of sinners. I have heard about Mormon’s Baptisms for the Dead, however I believe in order for someone to be “Married for all eternity,” they must be Married in one of the Temples. I do not believe your former Husband could have done such a ceremony without you. So good news for you : )

Not to mention that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not have the authority given by Christ to loosen and bind.

This is problematic. I don’t think as Catholics we should be happy when people choose to follow false religions.

Additionally, Joseph Smith and his brother were both Freemasons. There are even Freemasonic symbols on the outside of their temples, especially the first temple in Kirtland, Ohio and the second temple in Nauvoo, Illinois. Given that Freemasonry is at odds with Catholicism, it’s another reason to encourage all to stay far away.

By the way, my house is about 100 yards from a Mormon church, so I’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with their missionaries on multiple occasions.

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We all started somewhere on this journey. I am happy that she is rekindling her relationship with Jesus. I Pray that He will in time, lead her to the Catholic Church, which Jesus founded.

I am not saying that people should become Mormons. If you study Church History, theology, and understand that following individuals who claim to be prophets or prophetesses today, is unwise. I even have a problem with Catholics pushing public revelation of various Marian apparitions. I believe in private revelation, but am skeptical of so-called public revelations. Some Catholics get caught up in the secrets of this apparition or that apparition.

As far as symbolism on Mormon Temples goes, in the Catholic Church where I was Baptized, it has an image of the “all seeing eye,” which some associate with the freemasons. It is on our United States curranty as well. Also in this Church (in honor of St. Peter) there is an upside-down cross. To those who do not know the significance of this symbol, referring to how St. Peter died, some might see it and think that we worship Satan. Also, did you know that in most Catholic Cathedrals, there is an image or symbol for Satan somewhere? Does this make us Satanists?

I live about an hour-and-a-half from Kirtland, Ohio. Sounds like a fun road-trip ; )

I do not doubt that freemasons have influenced or even have infiltrated many, if not most, institutions in our Country (even Catholic ones).