Amazon ok for Catholics?

Should Catholics use Amazon? I don’t but need alternatives. Most Catholics I know use Amazon.

We live in a very small town so there are things we just cannot find so we do order from Amazon only when it is necessary.


I love Amazon. They have mastered the art of logistics like Chick-fil-A has mastered the art of the Drive-Thru.

I also like that they allow third party sellers (Mom & Pop’s) to sell through Amazon as well.


I have had to use Amazon as a back up when materials are available and the cost is favorable. Shopping around to many Catholic stores sometimes cost is not helpful.

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I use Amazon frequently. I appreciate the quick delivery of most products and the ability to find just about anything on their site.

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Amazon is great I know. But i wonder if concentratimg all that economic power in one entity is dangerous. The company policies are very aligned with the popular culture.

I closed my account. They support things that I cannot. I’ll just leave it at that.

Amazon is a supporter of all causes that are in opposition to church teaching. Plus there is a concentration of power in a single entity that should concern all of us, in my opinion.

I use Amazon all the time. It is generally my first choice for shopping.

In May 2022, several news sources reported that Amazon was going to reimburse employees who travel to get an abortion. That’s when I stopped using Amazon.


I am going to try KMART as an alternative. Amazon seems to hate Christian values
Walmart sells satanic stuff . Hard to know what to do.

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I’m thinking the Jewish idea of Kosher is smart. They are supporting Jewish owned businesses (or at least this is how it used to be) by buying Kosher products.

Catholics should create a voluntary version of this. Like FUBU, but for Catholics : )

Yes. Just heard the big list of corps who are pushing rainbow.

I sometime check Amazon for small businesses and then go find that particular small business online (often they’re also on ebay) to buy direct.

Is Ebay less offensive than Amazon? I am looking for an alternative. Thank you. Good idea using amazon for source only.

The only alternative to Amazon that I know of is PublicSquare.

If you are buying baby products, check out EveryLife!

Thanks for suggestions. Heard of public square. Hope they get a bigger variety of

I’ve sometimes found that a small business I’ve found on Amazon will also have a dedicated website and I can buy direct from them. Often small book sellers will have their own website.

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Good info thanks!!appreciate it