Catholic subscribe to Netflix? Is it better to boycott or to subscribe and complain to Netfli

Or is it better to be aware of what the few
Shows are and encourage more?

Not really sure which is more effective. I would guess that boycotts do speak louder than complaints.

My amount of streaming consumption has gone down pretty significantly. We play a lot of tabletop board games with our new neighbors.

Thank you. I feel like I need to know what is going on. Especially since my adult kids are all in. I dont like to spend time on our culture but cant be totally uninformed . Thanks again.

watch the good,reject the crap…

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We got rid of Netflix when Susan Rice joined the team, never regretted the decision.


They began pushing the “ideology’s” on kids so I cancelled them
There are really to many other places to watch movies

That is why I dont have it. But my adult kids do so I wonder if I should get to see what thry are seeing and then protest bad stuff.

Cancel it. Netflix produces content that blasphemes our Lord. Why give $ to a business that doesn’t respect the holy name or the Holy person of our Lord….

I watch some Netflix shows. If a show is woke or goes there, I turn it off immediately. I like The Crown, The Great British Baking Show, The Lincoln Lawyer and some others. I can’t cancel every streaming service if they show something offensive. I did get rid of Disney+ though.

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Just as i was about to subscribe to Netflix since i heard about some positive shows the news comes out about their new children’s show where a boy dances in a girl’s dress for his two Dads! Can’t justify being a member.