16 Year Old Wearing All Black Enters Abbeville Church with a Rifle during Mass!

Anyone know why this young man did such a thing? I can speculate many reasons why someone might be motivated to do such a thing, but I am curious of the true reason this mentally deranged individuals would do this (and maybe there is no reason, other than this young man was mentally ill).

Pray for all involved.

Haven’t heard anyone give any details yet.

My co-worker is a Protestant Pastor’s Wife and their Church has trained gunman at the back of Church of every Service.

They also had a speaker come to their Church to talk about what to do when something like this happens. I should have went to this event.

Though the chances of something like this happening is very low, it would be good to have this knowledge.

I just told her about this incident and she said there was another incident in Pennsylvania earlier this month.

Click here to watch that footage (Thankfully the young man's gun jammed, but viewer discretion is advised.)


Our church has armed “greeters” at High Mass. I’ve carried at Mass several times, especially when there was a stretch a year or two ago when there were a lot of church burnings and vandalism going on.

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I also carry when doing public processions like the Our Lady of Fatima procession that we had Monday night.

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