Seeking Mass in the Knoxville, Tennessee area

Greetings in +Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

I’m seeking a Traditional Catholic Priest to say Mass in the Knoxville, Tennessee area - (once a month or even once every two months).

We have 11 people who will attend and I’m very certain I can find a few others totaling about 15 people who would attend.

Seriously, we will pay for a round trip flight and drive the priest from and to the airport and the priest could stay at our home instead of a hotel (each time).

We have had Mass said at our home before and can accommodate a total of 20 or so people.

Please do let me know if you know of any priest or can help in any way for us to receive the sacraments more often.

Thank you and Kind Regards in +J M J,
Roger Owen
(571) 319-6094