Does your City/Town have a Catholic Cemetery?

Does your City/Town have a Catholic Cemetery? Bonus: Visit one of these peaceful places and Pray however the spirit moves you.

I would like the Catholic Cemetery in the small town where I grew up to be my resting place (well, where I would like my body to be buried : )

Our community has a Catholic section in the large cemetery.

excellent advice,prayers for you…

We have a cemetery on the grounds of our 4 Catholic Churches where I live.

We have at least six, but I know of one that is no longer used. It is kept up by a retired gentleman and his wife. At least he was last I heard about 10 years ago.

Yes it does here in our county.

Yes, I do not know if I will be able to be buried there due to my cost, I am a low income individual.

I wonder if someone has set up a fund for someone in your situation.

I think this would be a great idea for a Youth Group to start in any Parish with a Catholic Christian Cemetery, in addition to upkeep.

Thank you for this idea : )

Yes in does have a Catholic cemetery.

No but one of our Catholic churches has a columbarium at the church