Who killed Jesus

Does the Catholic Church teach that the Jews crucified Jesus.

I know that the Romans did and they were in some type of cult at that time.

You clearly don’t understand if Jesus did not die on the cross no one could enter into heaven it was a sacrifice that had to happen.He came to fix what Satan had done to humanity in the fall. He died for everyone’s sins including the people there just as he died for your sins.Hes forgiving them as they are nailing him to the cross.
In order to understand you have to see the victory on the cross and it was a great victory.As he said to some it would become a stumbling block where all they would see is death.

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If your looking at the cross and blame others then Jesus did not die for your sins you have chosen to keep your sins and blame others.You have to see and take your responsibility for the Crucifixion and the sacrifice Jesus has made for you…

It was the Romans and Jews together.

We all did. With every sin we have ever committed.

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It’s always good to remember that there are 4 ways we read scripture. Literally, allegorically, morally, and anagogcally.

Literally speaking, as we say in the Creed, he was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate. Yes the Jews were cheering for Jesus’ death but Pilate had the final say.

Now speaking from pretty much every other angle, WE killed Jesus with our sin. If we as God’s creatures never sinned, then there would have never have been a reason for the Son to come down from heaven.

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Hmm yes Pilot thought he was in control of everything he even told Jesus this but clearly Jesus told him it was much bigger than him and he was nothing in it nor did he have any power to change what was coming.He thought a brutal beating and Jesus humiliation would appease the crowds because he knew Jesus was not guilty and it was the jealousy of the religious leaders. But he failed completely to appease the crowd so he handed him over for crucifixion and washed his hands of it as the people screamed for Jesus death over and over.He had no power in what was happening. Jesus did suffer under Pilot as the creed says.
If you want to blame the Romans and Jews that’s up to you .

Remember what this is all about Satan in the fall condemned all of humanity to hell out of jealousy of Gods love.Jesus who is the Word ( gospel of John " in the beginning was God and the Word") took on human flesh becoming man and God humbling himself to live as man to change what Satan has done.Why do you think he dies for your sins ?Why do you think the bible says we are living in darkness and Jesus is the light of the world?

I will also add that Jesus holds the keys to life and death he decides who is worthy to enter heaven no one else because he did die for your sins he is the narrow door you enter into heaven. The Father handed it all over to him for the perfect sacrifice he made. He is your judge and he will forgive your sins.You must have faith first and then you live in faith.He has given you the holy spirit in baptism you learn to live in the spirit .You have a choice live in the spirit and what the spirit desires or remain a slave to your flesh and its desires.He has given you the power to over come all in faith.You can’t stop sinning but when you do you can stand up in faith and repent which is what Jesus wants you to do.Its what the sacrament of confession is for.

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He did died on the Cross as states in the Bible.