What do you say to a child who doesn't want to go to Church?

Our first daughter (16) was easy. She loves Jesus and understands the importance of her Faith. Our youngest daughter (6), however, loves herself (a little more than she loves).

Why do you go to Church?

I was formerly a protestant, however I can’t remember (or maybe “I can’t sympathize with myself” is a weirdly accurate way to say it) why I wanted to go to Church back then. It may have been a combination of an already present faith-joy, a desire to learn more and to do what I understood would be good.

Now, probably the only reason I want to attend is to see Jesus in the Eucharist.

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We benefit from going to church, but, just as important, we give. We give our attention to God and His word, we give our presence and prayers to others, and to some degree (a little more each time, I hope), we give ourselves to God.

Nothing. “You’re going to church.” Period.

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