What do you imagine Heaven smells like?

I think Heaven smells like smoked meats or fair-food. What do you imagine Heaven smells like?

I think it smells like strong beautiful flowers like roses. Once i was in our public library and i was reading a magazine about Medjugore. All of a sudden i smelled a strong scent if roses. I looked around to see who brought roses in and realized the smell was a gift

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This is what I call a “neither here nor there” type question……beyond any biblical description, it’s purely a guess……even if someone actually did know, they can never put it into words. Getting into Heaven and taking others with us should be the focus; not a question like this

Heaven will take care of itself……it’s serious, my friend………comedians are a welcome relief in life, but this is a Catholic app….change your countenance….I say it in love……Lyndhurst

not sure what it smells like,i just want to get there…

Incense like you have never smelled before. Revelations 5:8. I love to walk into a church where incense is used and the aroma is just heavenly. So by reading Revelations, I guess that’s exactly how it will smell.

Incense, plain and simple. Or babies. But if not, it should definitely smell like WD-40, diesel fuel, fresh bread, freshly cut grass and / or coconut sunscreen.


Yes! Any of these would be great : )

The Bible also describes Heaven looking like Trump Towers ; ) Revelation 21:21

I think some of this is figurative.

I think it will smell like it does just after a thunderstorm with lots of lightning


Just like life does or close… It depends on what we smell once we are born into that part of life if we even go to Heaven.Depends on how we see it.

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Hmm, i honestly think it will either be nothing, or something so pleaseant, it is unimaginable to our human minds.

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I think it might smell different for everyone. Thanksgiving morning when I was a child. :heart:


It smells perfect, whatever that perfect smell is we do not know

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It has to be roses in honor of our Blessed Mother. I do respect all of you but I pray the rosary daily for the ring of roses