Meditating on this makes my brain hurt

It’s easy for me to think of Heaven as a purely spiritual place in which our souls go and in like company with angels which are supposedly pure spirit without any mass. However, when I meditate during the rosary on the Ascension of Jesus, the Assumption of Mary, (and also Elijah) being in Heaven with their bodies, my brain has a hard time comprehending. I accept as a matter of faith that at the end of time we will be re-united with our bodies but to think that there are at least 3 persons in Heaven already with their bodies blows my mind. This would seem to indicate that Heaven is a physical place, not just a purely spiritual one. I’m sure one of the saints of old have written about this, but I’m currently unaware of any such works. Has anyone else thought about this?

I too struggle with imagining what Heaven will be like.

I have heard addicts describe heroin as Heaven at it’s peek, but Hell at its depths (Just say “no” to drugs kids!)

I sometimes think Heaven might be greater than a perpetual heroin high, in that, we might be consumed by God’s Amazing Love (and for the record, I’ve never done illegal drugs).

But, then would we even want to return to new bodies if this is the case? Probably not.

If Heaven is a physical, I think it will be greater than the most beautiful of creations we have ever seen in this life! I do not find the way the Bible describes Heaven as beautiful, but rather off-putting. Streets of gold do nothing for me. But, a perfect sun-set evening breeze, not too hot and not too cold; that perfect temperature that often comes before a storm, but in Heaven there is no storm.

Making incarnate spirits (us) was God’s idea, so I expect that in the new heavens and new earth following the resurrection, life will be wonderful.

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