What did Jesus mean with "Forsaken / Abandoned " me?

When Jesus said “My God my God, why have you abandoned / forsaken me.” According to the definition of of those 2 words, was there a spiritual separation between God the Father and God the Son, as Jesus suffered the due punishment of our sins, which is separation from God.

Jesus was quoting from Psalm 22:2. Jesus is the answer to David’s Prayer.

I do not believe that Jesus actually thought that God had forsaken nor abandoned Him.

Some Protestants believe that God looked upon Jesus with wrath and disgust, because Jesus was covered in our sin, but as Dr. Scott Hahn points out, the opposite is true. God looked upon His obedient Son with total love. Yes, our sins are what nailed our Savior to the cross (forgive us Father, for we know not what we do), but it was God’s love that Christ reveals to us in the Cross.

Great question! Maybe someone else has another perspective that I have not touched on. There is so much depth revealed in Sacred Scripture and I love it!

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I think Jesus was comforting us and showing us that our feelings of abandonment are understood by God.

Jesus did not feel forsaken. As said, it is the first line of Psalm 22, a VICTORY PSALM. In times of stress of excitement, it was common/ to recite the Psalms in the ancient world. Even in agony, facing death, Jesus was looking at the triumph beyond the nails.

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If Jesus was true God and True man couldn’t he have had human feelings of abandonment even just temporarily? Did Jesus want to fully experience the range of human emotions ?

He certainly could have. I’m actually doing a Bible Study on the YouVersion App titled, “The 7 Last Words of Christ” with Jim Caviezel. I’m sure this one will be one of them.

Will you be announcing when the bible study starts? Would love to hear it!
The thought that even Christ felt abandoned BUT was then comforted by the Father is in turn comforting to me. Thank you!

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I am not conducting a Bible study, I was just asking the question.

I don’t have my Catechism with me right now, but in the back there is a concordance where you can look up Scripture verses and it tells you everywhere in the Catechism that references that verse. It is really quite handy.

Here is the link to the Study/Devotional that I was referring to: The 7 Last Words of Christ With Jim Caviezel

Anyone can join in if they would like. The app tries to get you to do it daily, but I am doing 1 each week, but it is fine if you get ahead of me : )

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Good morning. This past Lent I shared each day on my podcast Lenten Reflections. I read for 7 of the 40 days of Lent the reflections from Venerable Fulton Sheen on the Seven Last Words of Christ. His reflection on The 4th Word (My God, My God) may be the best of all. You can which you can find his writings here The Seven Last Words, by Venerable Fulton John Sheen

Peace to you.

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Its was not a seperation but a plan. Gods plan .the holy spirits plan for Jesus to be the victim of the fact of not following the laws in his time… The courts he went thru showed that they’re were not Judging him while the last one heard the taunting of the people whom were shouting curcify him over and over. The plan was to show the law was there for a reason . .the very laws they the peolle broke by following him and seeing the wonders he performed. THE LAWS that the father God had laid down.
Which world wide now days by the laws that God wrote in the ten comandments Jesushad broken.
The people caused his death via thier own sins and the Laws were already written. a

Jesus completely detached from everyone going to and on the cross he had to make the sacrifice completely alone he even gave his mother to the apostle John.The shepherd was stuck and the sheep were scattered. When Jesus cried out even the father remained silent for our sake.You should think about that silence from the father it was because of us.The father would of loved to have responded to Jesus but could not due to our sins.It was the greatest act of love for us that ever has or ever will happen again.