Voicing your concerns to the pastor or the Bishop

Have you voiced your concerns to your pastor about anything? Confession times? Homily topics? Or to the Bishop about how long the annulment process takes? How was it received? Did you even get a response?0

I’ve talked to priests a few times about things any often they listen fully and I can tell they take my words to heart.
Two problems though:

I used to be a night janitor there so maybe they listen to me more than they would others

I go to a very large parish and change can be slow

Things may change quicker at a small parish with less going on day-to-day. Just never be afraid to approach them with a concern. They’re there to help and they can’t fully do that without knowing what problems need to be addressed.

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I agree that staff would be listened to but I’m thinking about issues with liturgy, reverence, pace, attire etc. I’m thinking women don’t belong in the sanctuary for any reason and am considering resigning as lector for that reason.

The only way you’ll find out is if you speak with your pastor, especially about a topic such as that. Usually you can ask to schedule a face-to-face meeting in their office.

I personally have a strong disliking for guitars being played during mass. It’s seems so out of place and distracts me. But I do my best to ignore it because the mass is still valid and Christ is still present.
When it comes to female Eucharistic ministers and lectors I have a somewhat similar opinion. I’m actually considering signing up to be a lector myself to help there be a more male presence (and my parish needs lectors at the moment). The thing is that women filling these roles has been allowed and as St. Augustine of Hippo would say “Rome has spoken”. The major problem is the lack of men standing up to fill these roles that have become open to women. There has been a slothfulness which has taken over a lot of male Catholics, resulting in them not wanting to step up to these roles. Therefore the Church allowed women to fill the shoes. So the thing is, (assuming you are male) if you leave your spot as a lector, there is a good chance a woman will take your place. You being in that position is helping your cause, and things may go less in your favor if you decide to pick up your ball and go home.

So of course, speak with your pastor. But the solution may not being telling all the women to stay away from the sanctuary, but instead inspiring other men to want to take these positions during mass.

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I have not since becoming Catholic. I did once as a Protestant. Ironically, the pastor’s response was “what you believe is a Catholic and a Baptist belief.” I’m now Catholic and parents are now Baptists.

With regards to issues like women in the sanctuary, guitars, etc., talk to your priest about it. However, if you feel that strongly about it, I would advise finding a Traditional Latin Mass or Eastern Rite church.

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