Have you ever been or are you currently a Lector?

I am a bit of a slow reader, so I would not make a good Lector.

We used to have this man at my home Parish who had an amazing narration voice! He could record audio books. His Wife developed Alzheimer’s, so they moved away. I definitely miss hearing him reading from Sacred Scripture at Mass.

I’ve been a lector for over 50 years and received the minor order of lector when I was in seminary. I was not ordained, however.

My last time of lectoring was this Wednesday. I love serving the Lord and His people this way!


I have been Commentating, but I will also be Lectoring.

I am a Lector and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)

I used to be, but I have embraced Traditional Catholicism and no longer serve as a Lector or EMHC.


Yes, i’ve been a lector for many years.

I love lectoring. I wish i read more. I’m also an EM.

I too was a female lector for a short while but it always felt wrong. OTOH, much about the Novus Ordo Missae felt wrong. I have embraced Traditionalism and am relieved there are no women in the sanctuary.


I have been but I don’t do it anymore. I might take it up again. I’ve been told I have a nice reading voice. My brother is a lector and he is good. His voice is strong and you can hear him. We have a couple of lectors with very soft voices and even with the microphone it’s hard to hear them.

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Congrats and welcome to historical Catholicism!

Same here. I’m female and was allowed to become a “eucharistic minister” when I was a teenager! I was also a lector. Faith formation in my parish growing up in the 70s and 80s was terrible and I left the church for over 30 years. During the “shut down” a friend invited me to a TLM - had no idea they were still around. I’ve been there ever since. Females do not serve Holy Mass in the TLM and only priests read Holy Scripture and I think that’s how it should be.


Welcome Back! I too am a revert to the Faith of Jesus Christ in His apostles and their successors. I’ve never been to a TLM, but hope to, before they are all banned! Sad that things have come to this. But, there is hope.

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I attend an FSSP parish and the worship is like nothing I’ve ever experienced anywhere. The silence, the incredible reverence in which Holy Mass is served, and the discipline of the priests and altar boys leaves me speechless. At High Mass, we’ve had as many as 17 altar servers. Regularly there are at least six or seven on Sundays, High, Low or Sung. The boys are receiving incredible faith formation under our very faithful priests just by serving. And assisting at Mass renews my spirit and brings me an incomparable solace. Wherever life takes me, I’ve realized I can never not be near a TLM. God bless and keep you, Cade.

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I believe the Institute of Christ the King is opening an Oratory in Cleveland soon. That’s in your neck of Ohio.

What is it? Is there a link that you can send me, so that I can learn more about it?

Institute of the Christ the King? It’s a religious order in full communion with Rome that goes by the 1962 books and calendar. They operate the oratory in Columbus that I am a member of.

Institute of Christ the King (institute-christ-king.org)

Oops, the oratory in Cleveland is already open as of last October!
Opening Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Shrine (institute-christ-king.org)

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