Poll: Is eating plant-based "meat" cheating on Fridays?

My Wife and I were having a debate if eating that fake meat stuff in the grocery isle is considered cheating during Lent?

Let’s settle this once and for many : )

  • Yes
  • No (comment below)
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Note: I also think eating fish is kind of cheating to ; )

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It’s not cheating because it’s disgusting. I can’t even fathom why someone would want to eat that stuff.


If it’s not meat, it’s not meat.
My wife and I had a similar discussion when we got married over chicken flavored ramen noodles. I read the ingredients on the flavor pack and it said artificial flavoring. My conscience is clear.

I also feel like fish is cheating, but I roll with it.

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Those Yves products are a travesty. They hurt my stomach. They taste like the plastic they are encased in

I think we are supposed to be giving something up. If we eat a variant of the item, it’s because we just don’t want to give it up. At least that’s how I view it.


I think you and I are in the minority :grinning:

The whole point is to give up something. Eating plant based meat is trying to avoid giving back to God.

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