Have you ever listened to "Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World"?

I discovered Podcasting back in 2016, when my cousin at Steubenville told me about a Catholic recording Artist. He did an interview with a Catholic Educator down in Cincinnati who was one of the first Podcasters. Back then no one knew what a Podcast was! There were only about a dozen Podcasts in existence and three of these were Catholic (The Catholic Cast, The Catholic Insider, and Rosary Army).

Rosary Army joined forces with Fr. Roderick to form SQPN. SQPN has gone through many changes over the years. I think Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World is a great addition to SQPN!


Love JAMW! His topics are so diverse there’s always something of interest, and never any risk of something contrary to the Faith.


Not very often but I have. I was disturbed by a comment he made regarding spiritual warfare and how demons … he downplayed how they affect us as Catholics. Jesus had many encounters all thru out the Gospels. I believe it’s a disservice to the laity to minimize the effects of spiritual warfare.
I usually listen to The Patrick Madrid Show ( excellent Apologist!) Virgin Most Powerful
And several faithful holy priests and exorcists.


I struggle with the spiritual realm myself. I am a realist. I don’t like movies that take place in space or deep in the unknown seas. The spiritual realm, like outer space and and the deep oceans, I believe they exist and that they are very real, but I am less interested in them. I do not say this to offend you, but to simply explain that not everyone is drawn to such realms as others.

I was in a Men’s Group and they wanted us all to read the writings of a Saint, who’s name I’m drawing a blank, but it was very heavy on spiritual warfare. It did not speak to me. I Pray the St. Michael Prayer and I Pray to my Guardian Angel, but I prefer to focus on the “real” world (again both are real, but one is more real to me than the other).

I play jimmy’s podcast in the background at times and go thru several shows at a time. He is well prepared and has interesting topics on this podcast. Smart and well read fellow and seems to be kind hearted as he has a show at Christmas for people alone. This is good also .

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He has 300 shows but none of the is about current crisis of abortion. I guess he does not care.

I would caution you on presuming someone’s thoughts on a topic by what they do not say. There are many ways someone can care. One can Pray. One can privately donate to charitable organizations. One can interact with individuals one-on-one.

As a Libertarian, I run into this a lot. Just because someone does not care the way you think they ought to care, it does not mean that someone does not care.

I have a brother who is a social justice warrior (and not the Catholic kind—in fact he hates Christians) and he wrongly believes I am a bigot, because I do not care the way he does. He spends all day on TikTok consuming CRT and other nonsense, thinking that by “educating himself” (indoctrinating) is helping the injustices in this world. He is in a cult. It is mental enslavement.

It is no surprise that his oldest daughter believes she is a 13 year old boy and has changed her name twice. And her current name, Icarus, I’m fairly sure she won’t want when she’s in her twenties. They stopped talking to our Parents for the past 2-3 years after my Mom accidentally used the wrong pronouns to address their daughter (and my Mom was trying so hard to play the game). They are finally coming around a little (mainly to use the swimming pool).

I have not heard you say anything about the injustices of the wars in Yemen. Am I to conclude that you do not care about the innocent lives in the Arabian Peninsula? No. Chances are, you are unaware of the conflict (that the United Nations has referred to as “one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises”) and how your Government continues to fund these wars (Republicans & Democrats). This is just an example. I’m not calling for you to get on a soap-box. I am simply illustrating the point.

I agree with you that there are more Americans killed by the evils of abortion in one year than there have been lost by the entirety of the wars in Yemen, but I disagree with the idea that perceived inaction is therefore not caring about the taking of innocent human life.

There have been more babies murdered by abortion than all the wars ever fought in the history of the world. Abortion is a crime against an innocent, defenseless baby and a crime against God.

Jimmy Akin has never said a word about it in 300 postings. He obviously does not care about God’s murdered babies.