Did/are you subscribe(d) to "The Bible in a Year" Podcast with Fr. Mike Scmitz?

I am. Though I have not listened to every single episode, I do enjoy it when I do listen. He also does the “Catechism in a Year” Podcast.

So many celebrity Priests have fallen in the past (“Black Sheep Dog” comes to mine). Venerable Fulton Sheen, Pry for Fr. Scmitz, may God keep Fr. Mike from becoming prideful and help him remain faithful to his calling. Amen ♱


No, I simply do not have the time.

I am in both Bible/Catechism and loving it. I also run a group to help those who may need extra help. I once was in teh Pillars Class in MN From the Catechetical Institute. Happy to say I did 2 years and happy I have done it. I am not the same without the Catechism .

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I am currently on Day 76 of Catechism in a Year and am completely loving it. Father Mike Schmitz, the podcast moderator, is a joyous and knowledgeable priest who brings exciting life to the Catechism that would be missed from reading it by myself. Every day there are vital tenets of our faith that are illuminated by Father Mike’s recitations and explanations. The Catechism in a Year is a valuable tool in understanding our Catholic faith on a much deeper level. I feel blessed by finding Ascension’s Catechism in a Year, and I look forward to their Bible in a Year series narrated by Father Mike when I complete the Catechism in a Year. I encourage anyone who wants to experience a deep understanding of our faith to look into the Catechism in a Year podcast. You won’t regret it.


Yes I am doing Father Schmitz’s Bible in a year, his Catechism in a year, and listening to Mother Miriam read through and discuss the Catechism Explained. All are amazing. I do my best to make time for one or all of these every day and the time investment is soooo worth while.