What are your Top 5 Favorite Catholic Christian Podcasts?

Not in any particular order:

  1. “Catholic in a Small Town” (with Mac and Katherine)
  2. “Catholic Answers Live”
  3. “The Bible in a Year” and “The Catechism in a Year” (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)
  4. “The Counsel of Trent” (with Trent Horn)
  5. “Adventures in Imperfect Living” (with Greg and Jennifer)

somehow, perhaps Divine Providence, in 2020, I came across Relevant Radios The Patrick Madrid Show. I listen everyday, not live but their podcasts. Highly recommend Patricks show! The Patrick Madrid Show - Relevant Radio

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I love Patrick Madrid. I’ve read his book, “Search and Rescue.” I used to listen to his Podcast. I should revisit it. Thanks : )

  1. Just discovered Pints with aquinas! Wow! Episodes that last more than 2 hours, but can’t stop listening!

  2. A walk of faith. Marybel Mayorga is from Montreal, like me. The poscast is meant for young people, by as a 52 year old I love it! She invites various guests. Spotify

  3. any Ascension presents podcast, especially those with Fr Gregory Pine. But of course, Bible in a year, Catechism in a year. All of them!

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  1. Discerning Hearts: Scriptural Rosary
  2. Preach: The Catholic Homilies
  3. All Things Catholic with Dr Edward Sri
  4. Daily Rosary Meditation/ Catholic Prayer with Dr Mike Scherschligt
  5. Divine Office; Liturgy of the Hours
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In no particular order

  1. Taylor Marshall
  2. Faith & Reason (LifeSite News)
  3. Remnant Underground
  4. Crisis Magazine
  5. Rules for Retrogrades (turning sour on this one though)
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Pints with Aquinas
Padre Peregrino, his VLX bible study, with commentary from the church fathers
Poco a Poco podcast
Crisis Point
Adventures in imperfect living

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I got to meet Greg & Jennifer, Fr. Roderick, and Dr. Paul Camarata in person many years ago! Rosary Army, Catholic Insider, and The SaintCast were one of the first Podcasts I listened to back around 2006. The very first Podcast I ever listened to was by a Catholic School Teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio named Jayson Franklin called The Catholic Cast. I listened to all of these Podcasts mentioned in this article.

Back then very few people knew what podcasting was. You had to use rss feeds and pod-catchers. My friends and family would make fun of me, but I get the last laugh. Now everyone knows what a podcast is.

I like The Bible in a Year and I love Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World. I tried to listen to The Divine Office Podcast but one of the women has a voice that grates on every one of my nerves.

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In no particular order:

-Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World
-Pints with Aquinas
-The Counsel of Trent
-Merely Catholic with Gavin Ashenden (Catholic Herald)

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